Brain Training Program in Srikakulam

Brain Training Program in Srikakulam

To awaken the sleeping talents of children for the first time in Srikakulam Smar Brains program was introduced by Srikakulamads. Unlike traditional education, brain training programs focus on the all-round development of children by focusing on a wide range of activities like abacus, robotics etc.., Through carefully designed activities, workshops and events the genius in children is awakened and kept alive.

The benefits of the brain training program are too many to be listed. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with school, that puts you in the face of challenges that hinder your quality of life, Srikakulamads is here to help children to become independent and confident.

Child Development Program in Srikakulam

We aim to introduce children to the world at a young age. The total outcome on a child's mental development after our course completion is nothing short of a miracle. Through our brain training programs, children find passion in chess, art, dance, science, and even technology. With help of Smart brains from Srikakulamads we aims to leave a mark in the world as we help the children of Srikakulam district open their eyes.

At Srikakulamads children will be allowed to pursue the activities of their interest. Children weaknesses will be identified and catered to, individually with our brain training programs. Enhancement of children’s global outlook will be given importance along with physical, mental and spiritual growth.


This brain training program exposes your kids to a wide range of activities, subtly designed to develop their mental abilities. Engaging in those activities will brush up their cognitive skills.


Brain training programs boost the thinking capabilities of your child. They stimulate fast thinking and easy attention shifting skills which will be highly essential in the long run.


Brain training programs identify, in which brain activity a child lags behind and through computerised tasks with graduating toughness, stimulate better neuronal functions.

Brain Skills Assessment

Through carefully devised assessments we evaluate the level of cognitive thinking in children before the training. Then periodic assessments are conducted to examine the improvement.


With a number of years of experience in teaching kids and conducting a large number of training and workshops, we can tell you how to help your child learn in a smarter way.

One-On-One Brain Training

Our one-on-one brain training institute identifies the underlying skills of children. Through meticulously planned activities and sophisticated techniques aimed at improving their mental performance.

Child Development Programs in Srikakulam

Course content of our program

✓ Vedic Maths

✓ Spatial Skills

✓ Magic Fingers

✓ Abacus Training

✓ Kids Flash Cards

✓ Crosswords/Sudoku

✓ Handwriting

✓ Speed Reading

✓ Tongue Twisters

✓ English Eloquence

✓ Sanskrit Certification

✓ Reading Bhagwat Geeta

✓ Visual Processing

✓ Enhance Memory

✓ Memory Techniques

✓ Thinking Techniques

✓ Maximise Potential

✓ Mental Ability Sessions

✓ Think Faster

✓ Easy Learning

✓ Problem Solving

✓ Decision Making

✓ Judging & Evaluating

✓ Early Entrepreneur

Outcomes of our course

✓ Improved visualization skills

✓ Increased patience and obedience

✓ Powerful senses and reduced anger

✓ Controlled and channelized energy

✓ Improve concentration and self confidence

✓ Improve memory recalling and multitasking

✓ Improved academic results and good social behaviour

✓ Enhance imagination and creativity

✓ Get rid of fears, inhibitions and phobia

✓ Get rid from negative thoughts and emotions

✓ Get out of depression and emotional set-backs

✓ More confident, satisfied and happy towards life

✓ Better decision making capacity in terms of friends, career

✓ Can judge person intentions & power to take instant decision

Customers Say About Us

We spent months looking for preschools in Srikakulam and finally got our son admitted to one of the best. He was initially not able to grasp what was being taught. But, after attending Srikakulamads’s brain training program, he amazed us with his pace of learning. We owe Srikakulamads a lot.


Killamsetti Mohan Rao

I registered my son with Srikakulamads’s brain training program as he was unusually shy and lacked confidence. I was surprised to see the bubbly and smart boy he evolved into. I would say, all playchools in Srikakulam must tie up with Srikakulamads to boost children’s overall growth.


Bhaskar Reddy

Long summer breaks are a frustrating time for kids without the excitement of schools and friends. But Srikakulamads kids summer camp in Srikakulam has been a great respite for two years. My son has developed an interest to learn new things and always wishes to get back to the camp.


Dinesh Sahu

Looking for abacus centres in Srikakulam? Head to Srikakulamads straightaway. Their way of teaching is highly effective and the trainers cater to the individual needs of the children. By the end of the course, my son was able to calculate faster than me and I felt ecstatic.



My daughter studies in a nursery school in Srikakulam. Her teachers complained about her unclear speech and illegible handwriting to which I agreed. But after joining Srikakulamads’s brain training program, improvement in both the fields has been astounding.


Asif Khan

Srikakulamads summer camp for kids in Srikakulam is something we look forward to every year. The care and concern they show towards the children, releases parents from stress. And by the end of the camp, your child is certain to be an ounce more sharp-witted.


Prasanth Patnaik