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Who I am

Chiranjeevi Reddy is an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate from P.I.T.A.M, Palasa, Andhra Pradesh. He is a man who has been in the field of Digital Marketing for the past few years and worked as a Digital Marketer for 3+ years in Hyderabad at Shootorder, a Digital Marketing Agency. He has started Srikakulamads in 2018 a platform to help buyers and sellers of Srikakulam to expand their businesses on online.

About Me

With the changing digital world, Chiranjeevi has moulded himself to help him crossover and stretch his comfort zones by working in the fields of Digital Marketing and Youtube Marketing. He is a multi-talented individuals who can deliver results. He has committed to Digital Marketing in a ferocious hunger of passion. With his hard working nature, he believes by dedicating his time to this success.

Founder and CEO

Chiranjeevi Reddy hails from Ichchapuram, Srikakulam and he got his B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. His interest in advertising made him start Srikakulamads at Ichchapuram. At Srikakulamads, Chiranjeevi provides Digital Marketing Services for brands and businesses. Apart from Srikakulamads Chiranjeevi Reddy is also the founder for Simpliskills and Simpli Electronics. Simpliskills is to educate rural children about the various benefits of computer education and competitive exams. It has a vision of inspiring and transforming people to a higher level in their life by showing the various paths towards career achievement. Simpli Electronics is electronic gadget repairing service center at Ichchapuram, Srikakulam..

Esuru Chiranjeevi Reddy

How It Started

Chiranjeevi Reddy had always dreamt of strengthening the local community and decided to help bring local buyers and sellers on the same platform so that they can sell their own products and expand their businesses. This became the root cause for him to create Srikakulamads, the first business directory in Srikakulam. It is a consumer brand and technology platform for local services, that connects lakhs of consumers with local service providers. Now Srikakulamads has become a leading digital platform for local businesses in Srikakulam. Expand your business online. Be visible! Gain new customers! Generate more leads!

What We Do

Srikakulamads provides expert services focused on Home Maintenance, Lifestyle in such a manner that the consumer's needs are customized. Using technology and domain intelligence, the Srikakulamads platform seeks to understand a consumer's domestic needs in detail and matches them with verified service professionals. Srikakulamads connects local customers to local businesses, providing exemplary service for both vendors and consumers alike. Srikakulamads takes your business to the next level on digital platforms and allows you to sell your products like hotcakes in the local markets of Srikakulam.

Improve Your Business Profile

You have got a lot of opportunities to improve your business profile and attract customers. Here are few tips which you can incorporate:

1. Add a creative headline (Captivate your audience)

2. Add long description (Be found in search results)

3. Logo (To Increase brand value)

4. Tags (Other business names, categories, products)

5. Operating hours (Your trading hours of operation)

6. Payments accepted (For customer’s convenience)

7. Creatives (Products, Office locations, Team members and Directors)

Search Tips and Tricks

To get the best result for your search query, we include an auto suggest option and this will be shown when you enter a few characters in the search fields. This will help to get your desired business or businesses matched for service type or product at your nearest location.

Srikakulamads will suggest based on the inputs given below:

For Field

1. Enter the Area/Location

2. Enter the Category type/name

3. Enter the Search Keyword

How it Works

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