Manas National Park Assam – Tiger And Elephant Reserve

There’s fresh air, the smell of trees, and an opportunity to be one with nature. Kids love animals, and adults could probably use a break from their hectic lives. What more convincing do you need to pack up your bags and visit a national park? Whether you are traveling to Assam, a beautiful northeastern state […]

Kaziranga National Park Guwahati Assam

Our Bharat is not just about its monuments. It is also about its natural habitats that preserve some of the most unique and exquisite species. What is it famous for? Kaziranga national park is famous for its great one-horned rhinoceroses. What makes this park special is its uniqueness and beauty. It is the only natural […]

Temple Of The Bleeding Goddess Kamakhya Temple Guwahati Assam

The Kamakhya temple story is just astounding. All the legends are myths are true and alive. We introduce you to the Kamakhya temple. A temple of immense powers and glorious Kamakhya temple mystery and various miracles that will baffle you. The Kamakhya Temple India is a famous Hindu temple that brings pride to Bharat. Kamakhya […]

Peacock Island Guwahati – A Holy & Amicable Place Of Many Mythological Stories

Have you ever imagined a place that is both holy and alluring in the middle of the water? If you have, then you must surely know about the existence of such a place. It is the Peacock Island, lying in the heart of Brahmaputra river cascading through Guwahati in the state of Assam. Do you […]

Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya Bihar – History, Architecture, and More

The sacred land of Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya welcomes you to embark on a spiritual journey to find enlightenment and salvation. This divine temple was constructed on the site where Gautama Siddhartha attained enlightenment under the canopy of the Peepal Tree. This was the first place that witnessed the transformation of Gautama Siddhartha into Lord […]

Barabar Caves Bihar India: Rock Cut Wonders Of The World

Bihar is one of the States of India which is well known for its glorious history, art, architecture, customs, cultural heritage, and historical monuments. Barabar rock-cut caves are one of the most famous historical monuments of Bihar. Barabar hill caves are one of the oldest and earliest known caves of Bihar surviving from the period […]

Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary Chhattisgarh (Dhamtari)

The Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is considered to be one of the densest forests in our great Bharat. Sitanadi was established in 1972, as per the Wildlife Protection Act, and it rose to quickly become one of the popular tourist attractions in Chhattisgarh. This great sanctuary had received its name due to the proximity of the […]

Bhoramdeo Mandir, Temple In Chhattisgarh

Bhoramdeo Temple is also known as Bhoramdeo temple. This is sometimes also called the “scintillating poetry in stone.” This temple is a complex that also contains other smaller attractions apart from the most famous Bhoramdev Mandir such as the open-air museum, Istaliq temple, Cherki Mahal, and Madwa Mahal. With the inclusion of such other structures […]

Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Barnawapara provides fascinating and majestic animals, and a secluded sanctuary for one to get away from the bustling city and just take a few photographs with nature and its majestic animals. It is a place where time itself seems to vanish, as you explore the wonders of Bharat. The Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in […]

About Undavalli Caves: An Architectural Representation Of Diverse Religions

Undavalli Caves are carved out of a single sandstone cliff making it the unique feature of the place. This place has been developed along three different periods in our country as it represents the three popular religions in our country-Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism in its carvings. Undavalli Caves History: During the era of Buddhism, Undavalli […]

Gwalior Fort Gwalior Madhya Pradesh: Superior Architecture And Beauty

Gwalior fort stands atop the Gopanchal Hill. The Gwalior Fort of Madhya Pradesh has stood strong and proud for over 1200 years! Covering an area of around 3 square kilometers, the Gwalior fort stands to be one of the most beguiling forts in India! The inscriptions made, the monuments built, and the ruins all together […]

Pinjore Gardens Haryana: History, Festivals, And Best Time To Visit

The Pinjore Gardens in Haryana are also called Yadavindra Gardens. Lose yourself in the lush greenery of the Pinjore Gardens. Witness the thriving green lawns and embrace the beauty of nature. The cascading waterfalls and murmuring watercourses vibrate in the atmosphere, awakening your inner soul. The arches and balconies stand erect to welcome you. The […]

The Kachari Ruins Dimapur Nagaland: The Beauty Of Imperfection

The Kachari Ruins or Dimasa Kachari Ruins are located in the town of Dimapur. The origin and significance of these pillars are enveloped within the deep layers of time and history. The mysteries of these pillars draws the interest of historians as well as tourists, leading to the evolution of many theories. Some pillars are […]

Best School in Srikakulam –

A school is a place where your children go and learn new things, play and have a great deal of fun with endless memories for life. As children’s first educators, parents play a major role in bringing positive learning outcomes for their children. And they decide what’s best for their kids to learn as they […]

CBSE Schools in Srikakulam

A school is a place where the foundation of every student develops. It is a place of learning new things which help your children to grow well in their life. People treat educational institutions as temples because it is a place where ample knowledge is grasped by the students and is termed as the basement […]

Best pre school in Srikakulam –

A preschool is an education system for a child to learn early childhood education before going to enroll in primary school. Preschool helps the child to learn to communicate with others that can aid in their overall development. Pre School in Srikakulam focuses on all facets of a child’s growth and development. They treat your […]

Best Play Schools and Pre Schools in Srikakulam

A play school is usually seen as a place where children (below 5 years of age) come to play and learn. Play schools are available in almost every city and major towns; thus, these play schools play an important part in a child’s physical and mental development at an early age. Why Play Schools? Play […]

Properties for sale in Srikakulam | Houses for sale in Srikakulam

Srikakulam has been witnessing a great boom in the real estate sector and has evolved out to be a progressive real estate destination. The burgeoning development of Pharma as well as production fields further mark a crucial impact in making the city one amongst the favored spots for investment in real estate. The realty domain […]

Solang Valley Himachal Pradesh in Manali

Before we get into talking about Solang Valley, let’s take a look at its name. So how does the Solang valley get its name? It is a combination of the word Solang, which means nearby village and Nallah which means water stream. This explains why sometimes Solang valley is called Solang Nala, but it is […]

Dzukou Valley Nagaland: The Valley Of Flowers, A Lush Paradise

Dzukou Valley Nagaland canvasses the inter-state boundary of Nagaland and Manipur is a hidden gem of Northeast India. If there’s a place not yet bruised by human touch, it is definitely the picturesque heaven that is the Dzukou Valley. The valley is situated at approximately 2452 meters above sea level and is spread across 27 […]


Have you ever thought about which is the most beautiful lake in India? That means you have not yet visited this lake called Pangong Tso, also called the Pangong Lake. If you have visited it then obviously there will be no doubt in giving the whole credit to this most beautiful lake. It is at […]

Tawang Tourism Arunachal Pradesh: Adventure. Culture. Nature

Did you ever think of running away from everything? From the day to day chaos and spend some time in peace, adoring nature? Then a trip to Tawang will fulfill your wish. Tawang is a destination where you can refresh and rejuvenate your soul. Tawang is the hidden gem of India and also called the […]

Hadimba Devi Temple Manali: Mahabharat Connection, Dhungri Mela And More

Hadimba Devi Temple Manali is also known as the Dhungari Temple or Hidimba Temple, which is located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. We all know that Manali is one of the most alluring hill stations of our Bharat. Hadimba Temple is an ancient cave temple that is dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, who is the wife of […]

Shree Jagannath Temple Puri, Odisha- Marvel Of Architecture

The beautiful country of Bharat is home not only to rich natural beauty but also to beautiful and unique architectural marvels. In the state of Odisha is a magnificent temple, which is an abode of divinity, but also riddled with baffling mysteries. About Shree Jagannath Temple: Shree Jagannath Temple is devoted to Lord Jagannath, a […]

Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple Simhachalam

The Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple of Visakhapatnam is a dedication to the Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu, one which appeared during the Satya Yuga. Located atop the Simhachalam hills near the city of Vizag, it is said to be the residence of the Vishnu Avatar himself and attracts devotees from across the Indian subcontinent. […]

The Story Of Parashuram Kund Arunachal Pradesh: History, Kund Mela

Parshuram Kund is a place that holds mythological and holy importance. Over the ages, lots of stories were passed on with the generations in regard to Parshuram Kund. One of the famous versions of this story is as follows. It was believed that Parshuram was the son of Renuka, a Kshatriya princess, and a Bhramin […]

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore Karnataka

Lalbagh is a well-known botanical garden in both Bangalore city and some other parts of India. This garden has a wide array of flora and fauna. Lalbagh brings glory to the city of Bangalore and is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangalore. Lalbagh Botanical Garden History: Lalbagh park was originally laid out across […]

Kunchikal Falls Karnataka – a Descent Towards Serenity

There are numerous waterfalls in India, one among them is the Kunchikal Falls in the Western Ghats of our country. The cascading waterfall seems like a part of heaven seen on earth. The view of the waterfalls is mesmerizing and the sounds made by birds in the vicinity of waterfalls are harmonious. About Kunchikal Waterfalls: […]

Jog Falls In Karnataka: The Depiction Of Light, Sound, And Nature

Jog Falls in Karnataka is a symbol of the eternal beauty of nature. The mountains give the freshness to breathe freely in nature. The valleys covered with flowers give an alluring vista. But this beauty is incomplete without the charismatic and grand falling stream of water. About Jog Falls in Karnataka: Jog Falls in Karnataka […]

Dassam Falls In Jharkhand: A Cascading Beauty

Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand Elevation: 336 m (1,102 ft) Height of waterfalls: 40 m (144 ft) Watercourse: Kanchi river Dassam falls in Jharkhand are also known as Dassam bagh. They are waterfalls that cascade in the Indian state of Jharkhand, formed by river Kanchi, a tributary of the Subarnarekha river. Dassam waterfalls are located near Tamaira […]

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary Jamshedpur Jharkhand

Location: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand Area: 195 sq km. Elevation: 3,000 ft Geography: Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary Jharkhand is abundantly rich in SPS and North dry mixed Deciduous forests. The park is surrounded by the hills of Dalma up to 915 ft. About Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary: Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for its forest tourism, but locally it […]

Tagore Hills Ranchi, Jharkhand: History And Legacy Of The Tagore Family

Tagore Hill Ranchi Jharkhand offers a picturesque view of dawn and sunset which can be enjoyed from the pinnacle of Tagore hill. Standing to be one of the most beautiful creations of nature located within the great state of Jharkhand. The hill is about 300 feet high and is sited 4 kilometers from Albert Ekka […]

Gir National Park

Gir National Park situated in Gujarat is also known as Sasan Gir. Gir National Park in Gujarat is famous for its Asiatic lions. It is the only reserve forest in Asia that houses wild lions. Gir National Park offers a chance to explore lions in their natural habitat. It is an opportunity to connect with […]

Somnath Temple Gujarat, History, Architecture, Darshan, Timings, Photos

We all feel depressed and low. We all face troubles that seem too harsh. Uncertainty reigns and we wonder if we will ever recover. That is why we present to you the Somnath temple. A hindu temple with a glorious past full of destruction. We bring this temple’s tale to you to ignite the passion […]

Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad: History, Architecture, and Pictures

Adalaj Stepwell is also known as Rudabai Stepwell. The grandeur of the architecture depicts the Indo-Islamic architectural elements and the structure beholds a tale of beauty and tragedy. Adalaj ni vav is a five-story structure adorned with graceful sculptures from both Hindu and Jain religions. Adalaj Stepwell Timing and Entry Fee: Stepwell of Adalaj is […]

Basilica Of Bom Jesus Goa: Church History, How To Reach, Images

Basilica of Bom Jesus (Good or infant Jesus) is a Roman Catholic church located in old Goa(Former capital of Portuguese India), Goa. The Basilica of Bom Jesus church is famous for its baroque and Portuguese colonial-style architecture. THIS JESUIT CHURCH IS THE FIRST MINOR BASILICA OF INDIA. IT IS ALSO REGARDED AS ONE OF THE […]

Leh Palace Ladakh: History, Architecture, Photos, And Best Time To Visit

The historical and royal Leh palace is located in the city of Leh, Ladakh situated in the Indian Himalayas. It is a former royal palace that overlooks the town of Leh. Present in the beautiful Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Leh Palace is also known as “Lachen Palkhar”. If palaces could have a soul, […]

World Famous Physician @ Kutikuppala Surya Rao

About Kutikuppala Surya Rao: Kutikuppala Surya Rao, the son of a farmer in a small village called Kintali in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh,gained international recognition for his exceptional work in the field of medicine. Kutikuppala’s qualifications are extravagant. After completing MBBS from Andhra Medical College, he headed to Colombo to pursue MD in family medicine from […]

The Saint @ Swami Agnivesh Biography

Swami Agnivesh Biography: Swami Agnivesh was born as Vepa Shyam Rao into an orthodox Hindu Family In Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh on 21 September 1939. His life witnessed an eternal void when he was just four when he lost his father. But, his maternal grandfather took charge and played a major role in his upbringing. Agnivesh […]

The Rock Star @ LV Revanth

LV Revanth: L.V Revanth is a current sensation in the Telugu Film industry for his mellifluous voice. Born on February 10, 1990 in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. Revanth did not have a smooth childhood. His father had died before his birth, leaving behind his mother to look after him all alone. LV Revanth Journey: In order […]

Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao @ Comedy King

Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao: Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, popularly known as Kondavalasa was a very well known Telugu actor, comedian and stage drama artist . His original name however is Kondavalasa Pamula Rao.He was born on August 10, 1946  in the Kondavalasa village of Sarubujjili mandal of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and hence the name. Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao […]

The Sikkolu Comedy Star @ Shakalaka shankar

Shakalaka shankar: Shakalaka Shankar is a popular Telugu comedian who hails from Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. He rose to popularity from the telugu comedy show Jabardast where comics were expected to outwit each other and win a cash prize in return.  Shankar was always fascinated towards films and in order to pursue his interest, he […]

A True Politician – Gouthu Latchanna

Gouthu Latchanna: Gouthu Latchana, born on 16th August 1909 in Baruva of Sompeta mandal of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh was not only the pride of the Telugu people but of the entire nation. Latchana was a very determined and resilient freedom fighter who served the people of our land till he could drag himself to walk. […]

Sathyam Babu Dixithulu @ Sarath Babu

Sarath Babu: Sarath Babu is quite a legendary figure in the Telugu film industry. Born on 31st June 1951 in Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, he entered the film industry amidst a lot of uncertainties but gathered enough fame for his exemplary works. Sarath Babu did not limit his career to Telugu Film Industry. Sarath Babu, over […]

The Legendary Actor @ JV Somayajulu

JV Somayajulu: JV Somayajulu is a veteran film artist who surprised the audience, critics and the connoisseurs of art by his authentic acting skills. He was born in August 1928 in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. He inherently carried appealing traits required to ensnare the audience. JV Somayajulu’s journey started quite early. Just as a boy of 16, […]

Billionaire Industrialist @ Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao

Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao: GMR Group holds a special position in the business fraternity. It is a global infrastructure developer and operator , active in 7 countries. The man behind the most talked about GMR group is Grandhi Mallikarjun Rao who is a mechanical engineer and a billionaire industrialist. Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao Biography: Born on 14 […]

Karate Kalyani Real Life Story

About Karate Kalyani: Kalyani Padala or popularly Karate Kalyani was born on 31 October 1977 in Rapagaputtuda of Yadava community in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. Her father being a Dolak/Tabla player, she had culture and rhythm flowing in her veins. Karate Kalyani moved to Vizianagaram where she completed her education. She grew up embracing art and […]

Indian Hercules @ Kodi Rammurthy Naidu

Kodi Rammurthy Naidu: A rebel teenager, fickle minded, completely unfocussed in studies, goes ahead to earn the title of ‘Indian Hercules’ for his surprising feats in the field of physical strength. Yes, we are talking about Kodi Rama Murty, the great pehelwan who blessed the land of Veeraghattam, Srikakulam in April 1882.  Kodi Rammurthy Biography: […]

Garimella Satyanarayana – A Revolutionary Poet

Garimella Satyanarayana: Garimella Satyanarayana was a star from Srikakulam, who shone bright, yet couldn’t be noticed by many. He used his pen as a weapon of high efficacy to slay the subservience of Telugus to the British imperialist. As a pioneer of freedom struggle from Srikakulam, he got extremely revered in the contemporary fighter’s circle, […]

Biography Of Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy

Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy: Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy was a linguist, writer and a revolutionary whose vision was way ahead of the times. His knowledge came as a blessing to the common man who could take the pleasure of emotions through literature owing to its simplification.  Ramamurthy’s childhood was bereft of joy and comfort. Born in Parvatalapeta, […]

The Untold Story Of Karnam Malleswari

Who Is Karnam Malleswari: Karnam Malleswari, popularly referred to as the Golden Girl of India, is the only Indian woman weightlifter to have won an Olympic medal. On 19 September, 2000, Karnam Malleswari made the entire nation proud by winning a bronze medal in weightlifting in the Sydney Olympics. She was born into a family […]

Arts & Crafts – Budithi Bell and Brass Craft

Buditi is a small village towards the North East of Srikakulam with bubbling creativity and craftsmanship. A lot of people find joy and their livelihood in moulding and shaping alloys like brass , sheathing them with love and creating beautiful items which entice people toward it. Initially only basic requirements like brass utensils were produced […]

True Story of Handmade Ponduru Khadi

Khadi is a revolutionary fabric and binds us all with the recollection of our collective win over the British imperialism. But unfortunately, we have forgotten to keep alive the place that spun the best quality Khadi . Ponduru, a small village 25 km away from Srikakulam has been producing super fine Khadi as a tradition […]

The Traditional Epic Art @ Paper Jamdani

Story Of Paper Jamdani: Developed by Annaji Rao to compete with the affordable and bulk products of the mushrooming British power looms, Paper Jamdani or Alikam is an indigenous art that has reached the corners of the globe and upholds the power of nationalism, reminding  us of our victorious feat against the oppressive colonisation.   Paper […]

Folk Art Forms Of Srikakulam

Art forms are the joyous manifestation of the culture and tradition of a region. Be it dance or song or any other act, they are used as modes of expressions of the legends and history which have been woven over the years by our previous generations and are thirsty to be passed on to the […]

Srimukhalingam Temple Srikakulam

Mukhalingam is a quiet village, situated 56 km from Srikakulam in the Jalumuru Mandal. This village, on the banks of river Vamsadhara is the keeper of our illustrious past. Mukhalingam used to be the capital of the then Kalinga Kingdom and boasts of hosting the three temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Madhukeswara, Someswara, Bheemeswara. Three […]

Srikurmam Temple @ Srikakulam

History Of Srikurmam Temple: Lord Vishnu, one among the divine trinity worshipped by Hindus is known to have undergone 10 incarnations in different periods to accomplish certain significant tasks, slaying the devil rampaging the earth and establishing peace and harmony. The incarnations or avataras have metamorphosed from complete animals to half human-half animals to complete […]

Secrets Of Arasavalli Suryanarayana Temple

Arasavalli Suryanarayana Temple: The Sun is the primary source of energy and the sole reason for sustenance and continuation of life on earth. To eulogise this supreme power the Sun is believed to have divine and spiritual capabilities and is worshipped extensively in cultures scattered all over the world. Arasavalli Sun Temple in Srikakulam, Andhra […]

Salihundam | Salihundam Srikakulam

Salihundam: Atop a hill, on the southern bank of river Vamsadhara is situated Salihundam that fosters in its lap the rich culture of Buddhism. Salihundam is a part of Gara Mandal of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and is 9 miles away from it. It is a famous tourist destination for hosting a number of Buddhist stupas. […]

Rivers in Srikakulam | Vamsadhara River

Rivers in Srikakulam District: Srikakulam is a riverine district. The four rivers in Srikakulam district are the Vamsadhara, the Nagavali, the Mahendratanaya and the Bahuda river. Out of these the two major ones are Vamsadhara and Nagavali rivers. Together they cover 5% of the total area of Srikakulam district. All the rivers have their course […]

Telineelapuram Bird Sanctuary

Telineelapuram and Telukunchi are small villages, situated at a distance of 65 km and 115 km from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh respectively. Every year from September to March, these villages become the abode of a large number of migratory birds who reach here after covering miles. The avian mates fly all the way from Siberia to […]

A Guide To Kalingapatnam Beach

Kalingapatnam Beach: With the roads burying their heads in the lap of the golden sea bed, the Kalingapatnam beach witnesses an enthralling transition from the bustling town to a tranquil atmosphere. Situated 30 Kms away from the district headquarters in Srikakulam, it is the meeting point of the Bay of Bengal and the Vamsadhara. The […]

Baruva Beach | Baruva Beach Resort

Baruva: Baruva village is located in Sompeta Mandal is at a distance of 110 km from Srikakulam district. Baruva has one of the oldest beaches in Andhra Pradesh state and is known for its idealistic beauty and historical importance. The Mahendra Tanaya River and the Bay of Bengal merge into one here at Baruva. It […]

What to do to Sell my House

Remember the days when you embarked on your search for the house you are living in at present. I know it makes you sigh. The exhaustion of running from place to place, finding a sincere real estate agent, hitting on different houses, adjusting your budget, negotiating with the sellers, producing the legal documents were definitely […]

What is Online Grocery Shopping?

Online grocery shopping refers to buying grocery items from an online shopping service. Basically, there are online stores which can be local, national or international. You need to choose the items you want to buy. Pretty much similar to the way you buy clothes from Amazon or Flipkart. While online shopping you can either order […]

10 Tips to Help First-Time Home Buyers

While you buy a property, you are not simply providing a cheque to the seller and obtaining the keys. The process of selling and buying real estate is complicated and often a lengthy process. The selection process will actually walk you through various steps right from the beginning till end. In the past few years, […]

How to Plan to Buy a House

Most of us put our blood and sweat into our professional lives so as to have a settled personal life. Often the pinnacle of the steep mountain of goals we climb is buying a house. Buying your house is definitely a more pleasurable experience than it appears. If you cannot imagine then just think that […]