The Story of Kanchili

Kanchili is at a distance of 120 Kms from the district headquarters of Srikakulam between three towns Viz Kaviti, Sompeta, and Ichapuram. Kanchili is bounded by Orissa on the north and west side; Kaviti Mandal on the south and the Bay of Bengal on the east. Being near the border of Andhra Pradesh, the town is close to the commercial capital of Orissa, Berhampur. The village of "Kanchili" has acquired its name from the local village deity "Kanchamma" a goddess who is held in high regard and worshiped with great devotion by the locals. The residents of Kanchili considered Kancamma temple as a source of heritage and pride, took the initiative, and renovated the old temple of goddess Kanchamma'. Kanchili is likely one of the most beautiful coastal towns in North Srikakulam, this place is known for its well religious culture where some 100s of Marwari or Marwadi families like business tycoons Agarwalas and Jains form various export enterprises in this area like coconut, jackfruits, cashews, and mangoes.

The History of Kanchili

All the businesses are being well established by Arya Vaishya (Arya Vysya) is a subset of the Komati caste and Marwadi caste who are helping for the well being of the locals by improving and increasing more local business and giving opportunities to locals to grow. It is really a form of unity in diversity with different cultures. Kanchili village is the most well known for its various temples and it also acts as a popular spiritual and cultural hub in North Srikakulam. Kanchili town in Srikakulam district has the most popular and well-worshipped gods and goddesses here in like Lord Jagannath Temple, Kanchamma Talli Temple, and Lord Shiva Temple. Kanchili has everything from tiny to old thatched houses to the most well built stone houses, this village creates a wonderland for us all. They might be small in number but the pleasantness of the soothing beaches, the busy people with their daily chores, the small houses with the most adorable decoration.

How to Reach Kanchili

Travel Guide

Kanchili is easily accessible by all three major modes of transport, roadways, railways, and airways. Which will come as a source of relief to the many travel enthusiasts ready to visit Kanchili!

By Road

Sompeta APSRTC bus station and Ichchapuram APSRTC bus station are the nearby bus stations to Kanchili town. APSRTC runs several busses from major cities to Kanchili in Srikakulam.

By Rail

Rails in India are the most affordable and most preferred modes of transportation. Sompeta Road railway station and Ichapuram railway station are the very nearby railway stations to Kanchili.

By Flight

The two nearest airports to Kanchili town are Visakhapatnam Airport which is at a distance of 223 kms and Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar is at a distance of 213 kms respectively.

Places to visit in Kanchili

About Us

Kanchamma talli temple in Kanchili houses the famous Hindu temple that is frequently visited by thousands of devotees each month. Every day poojas take place here with utmost devotion and bhakt by its devotees. At Kanchamma talli temple every tuesday special poojas take places where thousands reach this temple on this particular day to worship this god.

About Us

The Jagannath swamy temple in Kanchili houses many historical mysteries that are of an incredible spiritual and religious legacy in Kanchili and have a special story that has a very relevant connection to the Puri Jagannath temple. Having significance as a historic centre, Jagannath temple kanchili is probably one of the places that might intrigue every history buff.

Kanchili Villages

Kanchili Banks

Bank Name Bank Address
State Bank of India Kanchili Address Opp Kanchili Railway Gate, Main Road, Kanchili
APGVB Kanchili Address near Government Hospital, Main Road, Kanchili

Kanchili Banks - IFSC Codes

Bank Name Bank IFSC Codes
State Bank of India Kanchili IFSC Code SBIN0015709
APGVB Kanchili IFSC Code APGV0001130

Kanchili Banks - Toll Free Numbers

Bank Name Bank Toll Free Numbers
State Bank of India Kanchili 1800 425 3800
APGVB Kanchili 1800 121 0354