The Story of Mandasa

Mandasa is a historic town that is located in the center of Srikakulam district. The ancient Vasudevalaya, the Raja Vari Fort, the adjoining maze and the Ammavari Gudi in the forest are the best places to visit. Pandava Guha is a cave complex located at Mahendragiri in the Mandasa zone. The history says Pandavas stayed as anonymous for a long time at Mahendragiri. The Vasudeva Temple here and the adjoining Shiva Temple also host a grand celebration of Shivratri. Thousands of devotees travel whole night to see the rise of the Sun from the top of the Mahendragiri.

The History of Mandasa

According to the 2011 Indian Census, the zone has a population of 82,699, with 20,596 households. The number of males in the village is 40252 and the number of females is 42447. The former name of this village is Manjusha which means jewelry box in Sanskrit. Vegetated with abundant water resources, this area has been the main town for 800 years. The Mandasa Rajavari Fort, the 700 year old Vasudeva Swamy Temple, is a popular tourist destination. There are about 20 ancient temples in the village like Boteshwara Temple, Jagannadhaswamy Temple, Narasimha Swamy Temple, Chandeshwara Temple, Gramadevata Annapurna Temple.

How to Reach Mandasa

Travel Guide

Mandasa is easily accessible by all three major modes of transport, roadways, railways, and airways. Which will come as a source of relief to the many travel enthusiasts ready to visit Mandasa!

By Road

Haripuram APSRTC bus station and Palasa APSRTC bus station are the nearby bus stations to Mandasa town. APSRTC runs several busses from major cities to Mandasa in Srikakulam.

By Rail

Rails in India are the most affordable and most preferred modes of transportation. Palasa railway station and Mandasa railway station are the very nearby railway stations to Mandasa.

By Flight

The two nearest airports to Mandasa town are Visakhapatnam Airport which is at a distance of 208 kms and Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar is at a distance of 236 kms respectively.

Places to visit in Mandasa

About Us

Mahendra Giri is second highest mountain peak of Odisha at 4925 feet above sea level situated in Gajapati District of Indian state, Odisha. Mahendragiri has got great spiritual and mythological significance. It was described in the epic the Mahabharata, and in the puranas. It also finds reference in the works of poets Sarala Dasa, the author of Oriya Mahabharata. It is about 30 kms from Mandasa, Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. During the nights of Shivaratri lakhs of devotees walks through Mahendra hills to see the first Sunrise from Mahendra Giri.

About Us

This temple was constructed by Harihara Raja Mani Deo of Mandasa. With the ravishing stone sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, it projects great workmanship and glorifies the family deity of Harihara Raja Mani Deo. The Vasudeva temple in Mandasa is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which showcases Vaishnav symbols and figures, and resembles the Lord Vishnu. Inside, there are idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Balarama and Goddess Subhadra. Moreover, the temple has miniature shrines and most of the female sculptures are highly ornamented.

Mandasa Villages

Mandasa Banks

Bank Name Bank Address
DCCB Bank Mandasa Address besides Government Primary School, Main Road, Mandasa
State Bank of India Mandasa Address near Primary Health Care Center, Main Road, Mandasa
APGVB Haripuram Address near Usodhaya Enterprises, Main Road, Haripuram
State Bank of India Haripuram Address near Mandasa Haripuram Jn Road, Haripuram
Union Bank of India Haripuram Address Opp Trends Shopping Mall, Main Road, Haripuram

Mandasa Banks - IFSC Codes

Bank Name Bank IFSC Codes
DCCB Bank Mandasa IFSC Code APBL0001019
State Bank of India Mandasa IFSC Code SBIN0003121
APGVB Haripuram IFSC Code APGV0001136
State Bank of India Haripuram IFSC Code SBIN0015307
Union Bank of India Haripuram IFSC Code UBIN0829625

Mandasa Banks - Toll Free Numbers

Bank Name Bank Toll Free Numbers
DCCB Bank Mandasa 1800 121 0354
State Bank of India Mandasa 1800 425 3800
APGVB Haripuram 1800 121 0354
State Bank of India Haripuram 1800 425 3800
Union Bank of India Haripuram 1800 22 2244