The Story of Ranastalam

Ranasthalam is located in Srikakulam district at a distance of 31km from its headquarters. The population of this zone is 77,436 living in a total of 17,437 households, spread over a total of 110 villages and 30 panchayats. The number of males was 39,592 and the number of females was 37,844. According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate in Ranasthalam village was 55.42%. Ranastalam is bordered by Laveru zone to the north, Pusapatirega zone of Vizianagaram to the west, Cheeparupalle zone to the north and Nellimarla zone to the west. It is 95 m high.

The History of Ranastalam

Ranastalam is 10km away from Pydibhimavaram where so many industries are present. Though it has industrial estate still it has high migration due to lack of jobs to the locals. In order to stop the migrations, the government has to bring strong policies and G.Os in hiring local talents. Skill development centers must be established to train the local youths. Industrial pollution is increasing day by day and required measures have to be taken to reduce it. Coconut products industries should be established and employment opportunities must be increased.

How to Reach Ranastalam

Travel Guide

Ranastalam is easily accessible by all three major modes of transport, roadways, railways, and airways. Which will come as a source of relief to the many travel enthusiasts ready to visit Ranastalam!

By Road

Laveru APSRTC bus station and Etcherla APSRTC bus station are the nearby bus stations to Ranastalam town. APSRTC runs several busses from major cities to Ranastalam in Srikakulam.

By Rail

Rails in India are the most affordable and most preferred modes of transportation. Ponduru railway station and Dusi railway station are the very nearby railway stations to Ranastalam.

By Flight

The two nearest airports to Ranastalam town are Visakhapatnam Airport which is at a distance of 83 kms and Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar is at a distance of 360 kms respectively.

Places to visit in Ranastalam

About Us

Sri Ayishwarya Narmadeswara Temple, of Ranastalam, is located in the heart of the town. The temple is well maintained and is a tribute to Lord Shiva. People provide offerings to Lord Shiva and in return get bestowed with the warm blessings. This temple is present in ravada road and it is 2 kilometers from Ranastalam town.

About Us

The Hanuman Temple is one of the oldest and popular Hindu temples in Ranastalam, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Hanuman and the temple complex also houses other deities. This Hanuman Temple is located in Seethammavalasa which is 4 kilometers from Ranastalam.

Ranastalam Villages

Ranastalam Banks

Bank Name Bank Address
DCCB Bank Ranastalam Address near Surya Sweets, Main Road, Ranastalam
Union Bank of India Ranastalam Address Srikakulam, NH-5, Visakhapatnam Road, Ranastalam
Indian Bank Ranastalam Address 2-1,1st floor, RR Complex, Brahmin street, Beside NH-16 Road, Ranasthalam

Ranastalam Banks - IFSC Codes

Bank Name Bank IFSC Codes
DCCB Bank Ranastalam IFSC Code APBL0001018
Union Bank of India Ranastalam IFSC Code UBIN0804959
Indian Bank Ranastalam IFSC Code IDIB000R124

Ranastalam Banks - Toll Free Numbers

Bank Name Bank Toll Free Numbers
DCCB Bank Ranastalam 18004251958
Union Bank of India Ranastalam 1800 22 2244
Indian Bank Ranastalam 1800 3011 3333