The Story of Veeraghattam

Veeraghattam mandal is located in the Palakonda administrative division. Veeraghattam is located near the Vattigidda river. It has an average elevation of 83 meters (272 feet). According to the 2011 census, Veeraghattam has a population of 14,315. With an average literacy rate of 70.89%. Male Literacy rate is 35.72% and Female literacy rate is 28.1%. There is no railway line to this place and the nearest railway station is at Parvathipuram which is 27 km away. Cities near to Veeraghattam are Parvathipuram, Rajam, Bobbili and Amadalavalasa. Veeraghattam is located on the border of Srikakulam district and Vijayanagaram district. Immigration is very high.

The History of Veeraghattam

In an effort to improve the economic condition of tribal farmers and reduce the immigration, ITDA officials introduced tissue culture in the tribal area, which was the first of its kind in the ITDA areas. This place is supplied with protected fresh water through taps, handpumps, and borewells throughout the year. Sewage flows through open drains. Sewage is discharged directly into water sources. A complete sanitation scheme has to be implemented to safeguard the health of the public. There is no door-to-door waste collection system. Veeraghattam has an integrated child development scheme, Anganwadi center, other nutrition centers and an Asha activist. Electricity is supplied for 6 hours a day for agriculture and 14 hours for commercial purposes.

How to Reach Veeraghattam

Travel Guide

Veeraghattam is easily accessible by all three major modes of transport, roadways, railways, and airways. Which will come as a source of relief to the many travel enthusiasts ready to visit Veeraghattam!

By Road

Srikakulam APSRTC bus station and Tilaru APSRTC bus station are the nearby bus stations to Veeraghattam town. APSRTC runs several busses from major cities to Veeraghattam.

By Rail

Rails in India are the most affordable and most preferred modes of transportation. Srikakulam Road railway station, Tilaru railway station are the very nearby railway stations to Veeraghattam.

By Flight

The two nearest airports to Veeraghattam town are Visakhapatnam Airport which is at a distance of 165 kms and Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar is at a distance of 355 kms respectively.

Places to visit in Veeraghattam

About Us

Jami Thota waterfalls in Seethampeta agency takes 60 mins to reach from Veeraghattam. This place is really serene and peaceful with very less crowd. If you want to spend some time away from the populated places then this is the best destination. A dense forest with beautiful birds and animals around the waterfalls makes anyone to love this place.

About Us

Sri Endala Mallikarjuna Swamy temple is located in Veeraghattam. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it has no roofs and doors. The linga is a Swayambhu and is about 20 meters in height and 3 meters in width. There is an ancient story to the time of Pandavas and Markandeya Maharshi during the time of Pandavas Aranya Vasam.

Veeraghattam Villages

Veeraghattam Banks

Bank Name Bank Address
State Bank of India Veeraghattam Address near Vennala Food Court, Kalingapatnam - Srikakulam Road, Veeraghattam
Union Bank of India Veeraghattam Address Opp State Bank of India, Kalingapatnam - Srikakulam Road, Veeraghattam
Fino Payments Bank Veeraghattam Address near Sri Kota Durgammavari Gudi, Main Road, Veeraghattam
DCCB Bank Veeraghattam Address Dr.No:5-326, Near Post Office, Main Road, Veeraghattam, Srikakulam

Veeraghattam Banks - IFSC Codes

Bank Name Bank IFSC Codes
State Bank of India Veeraghattam IFSC Code SBIN0002805
Union Bank of India Veeraghattam IFSC Code UBIN0806153
Fino Payments Bank Veeraghattam IFSC Code
DCCB Bank Veeraghattam IFSC Code APBL0001026

Veeraghattam Banks - Toll Free Numbers

Bank Name Bank Toll Free Numbers
State Bank of India Veeraghattam 1800 425 3800
Union Bank of India Veeraghattam 1800 22 2244
Fino Payments Bank Veeraghattam 022 6868 1414
DCCB Bank Veeraghattam 18004251958