Real Estate Services in Srikakulam

Real Estate Services in Srikakulam

Srikakulamads is one of the premier Real Estate Marketing Agencies that is currently based in Srikakulam with hands-on experience in executing real estate campaigns. We have served various builders with a vision-driven with only a goal - Growth. Growth in terms of developing High ROI, sales efficiency management, automation in market strategy, optimizing conversions & delivering state of the art performance.

We have served our partners in the best way possible as we produce growth with the implementation of examined and well-proven and result-driven strategies. We at Srikakulamads take real estate advertising to the next level, as we bring more leads and boost businesses. We at Srikakulamads are expected to be working with more clients around the Srikakulam district, an opportunity we are excited to explore. So are you ready for more sales and conversions? Then join Srikakulamads now!

Real Estate Advertising in Srikakulam

Looking to Buy or Sell or Rent a Property

Real Estate in Srikakulam | Real Estate Agents in Srikakulam

Daily updates and verified listings of Homes in Srikakulam.

A Grade Office spaces for rent in prime central locations in Srikakulam.

250+ under construction projects of 25+ top builders in Srikakulam.

Shows with Shops and Showrooms in prime places in Srikakulam.

How it works

Find the perfect real estate property in Srikakulam that matches your desired requirement.

Call us to visit the selected property and we will arrange everything for your property visiting..

Once you are ready to buy the desired real estate property we will do all the documentation and verification.

Select the range of options available that suits your rate and requirements in buying your real estate property.

What makes us perfect choices

Buy a Home in Srikakulam

New real estate properties every day to help buyers to find the right home.

Rent a Home in Srikakulam

1+ Lakh real estate agent users visit us every month for their buying and renting needs.

Sell Properties in Srikakulam

New properties posted daily, making us the best platform to sell and rent properties.

Buy Properties in Srikakulam

Advice from industry experts to help you make smart property decisions in buying or selling.

What makes us special?

High-End Analyzing

With us, you won’t have to stress much. We will let you know of the deals which will ensure maximum profit. You won’t have to invest a single penny without expecting a return.

Excellent Track Record

We have assisted a large number of people in selling and buying their plots or flats or real estate properties. Our track record tells our success story. We will not leave you until your deal is sealed.

Our Dedicated Support

Our teams work dedicatedly to provide you with the best possible service. From finding propitious clients to ensuring impressive profits, we will whole-heartedly manage things for you.

A Real Estate Platform You Can Trust

Srikakulamads is an online platform where real estate deals take place in a much faster and newer manner. Our mission is to provide transparency, trust and best deals to our buyers with exclusive deals. We have developed a unique approach of connecting a buyer to the right property with the lowest prices in the market. With the blend of technology and expertise in the real estate industry we bring a hassle - free process of property buying.

We understand that while buying a property, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration, like the locality, preferred area, budget, amenities, and a lot more. Every property/house/apartment on our platform goes through extensive checks and we have developed quality parameters for each listing. We provide end-to-end sales to our customers, ensuring that your buying journey is as smooth as it can be. Our prices are transparent and you get what you sign up for.

Refer & Earn

Real Estate, an evergreen field although filled with many ups and downs. We at Srikakulamads try to boost the ups and minimize the downs. We protect our clients and their business at any cost. Srikakulamads offers a referral program at which people can earn good money by promoting our listings to your friends, family and relatives, and clients to buy a particular property and can earn a hefty sum in return for their loyalty.

Join – Advertise – Earn

✅ Refer and Get 0.50% on your friend's home booking
✅ Invite Your Friend
✅ Ask them to purchase a home
✅ Together earn 0.50% on Invested amount

How it Works

Create Account

Register at Srikakulamads now, use our simple step by step process to unlock a wide range of helpful features.

Post your Ad

Build your Ad now, create a meaningful message that calls out to people, put it in our business directory.

Get Offers

Grab leads and customers by receiving more proposals and business sales, as a result of Srikakulamads’s directories.

Sell Your Item

Sell your placess or properties online, by using our modern platform as a marketplace to increase your sales.

Customers Say About Us

I had tried every possible way for around six months to sell my commercial complex located in my town but failed. I registered with Srikakulamads and succeeded in a very short span. I can safely say that Srikakulamads is one of the best real estate agents in Srikakulam.

Ananth Srinivas

All my life I had dreamt of owning my own house as I had been born and brought up in North Srikakulam. Srikakulamads aided me in finding my dream house, within my budget. Contact Srikakulamads to locate your dream house or home or flats in Srikakulam.

Shyam Sundar

Satyam Ventures have been at Kanchili for a long while but we were not able to sell even a single flat through traditional methods. After contacting Srikakulamads,the most trustworthy real estate agent in Srikakulam, their digital marketing efforts helped us flourish.


My name is Rakesh and I had a 2 BHK flat near Ichapuram, in a time when I was in a financial crisis, I had registered on Srikakulamads and they helped me find a person who wanted to buy my flat. Thank you Srikakulamads! They are the best real estate agents in Srikakulam.


After my failed attempts to find an affordable mechanic shop in Tekkali, I registered with Srikakulamads , the best real estate agent in Srikakulam ,I got a good shop on main roads and I am very satisfied and I started referring this portal to my family and friends in finding best properties.


I had 5 acres of land that I was unable to convert to liquid cash for some other investments. Finding a buyer had become almost impossible but fortunately,Srikakulamads helped me find a buyer. They undoubtedly provide the best real estate services in Srikakulam.

Mohan Babu