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About UV Dream Studios Ichapuram

UV Dream Studios Ichapuram is a single hub providing all the services for a marriage like pre wedding photoshoots, post wedding photoshoots and wedding photography. UV Dream Studios other services include candid photography, karizma album design, brand shootings, model photography, flexi designs, brand promotions, digital advertisements, digital designs, video editing and mixing. We are a zealous, creative and resourceful team who have filmed over 500+ events, captured moments of 100+ couples and on our way, are unveiling methods to craft stories in pictures.

Story of UV Dream Studios Ichapuram

We believe that weddings are one of the most special days of a couple’s life. We aim not only at freezing the moments behind the lenses but also making them so authentic that stories conjure up from them. Every project we take up feels like a celebration and we work dedicatedly towards bringing the best out of our efforts. Clients eulogize us by referring us as one of the best wedding photographers in Srikakulam. With a bunch of super crazy and brilliant photographers in our team, we are all ready to help you preserve your most special moments.

About Tej Shiv Mahendra

Tej Shiv Mahendra is a photographer with over 4 years of experience and is the founder of UV Dream Studios in Ichapuram. He did his Post Graduation Diploma in Photography from a reputed institution. He worked on local TV commercials, short films, and advertising campaigns with different production houses. From the experience he gathered, he decided to create his own firm and master his creative freedom.

Tej Mahendra’s expertise spans Wedding and Commercial Photography, Candid Photography, Drone Photography and Aerial Shots, Pre & Post Wedding Photoshoot, Wedding Films, Short Films, Product Walkthroughs, Promos, Viral Ads, Digital Advertising. A connoisseur in photography, Tej Shiv Mahendra coalesces all his skills to produce the loudest voice out of the moments he snaps.

About UV Dream Studios Team

He has a robust team that believes in perfection.They precisely capture each of your special moments.They get completely engrossed in every project and set a new benchmark for them everytime.They don’t make your pictures look fabricated. UV Dream Studios has become well-known due to the work of Tej Mahendra. All of his photographs are pieces of art, in high resolution. And has a story to tell. He is one of the finest wedding photographers in srikakulam.

He and his team provide a wide range of professional photography services. Starting from modeling portfolios to indian wedding photography to maternity photography to children portraits, UV Dream Studios is an all-in-one solution. Tej Shiv Mahindra has a bunch of dedicated team members who give his work a professional touch. Without their support, being a leading wedding photographer in Srikakulam would not have been easy.

What We Do?

Wedding Photography in Srikakulam

Wedding Photography

Frame every moment of your extra special wedding day with us. We provide pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding photography and videography services. Get clicked naturally with fairly affordable prices.

Modelling Photography in Srikakulam

Modelling Photography

Get expert quality model photography service in Srikakulam from UV Dream Studios. Our talented photographers and editors will make you look the best in the pictures.

Karizma Album Designs in Srikakulam

Karizma Album Designs

Our albums narrate your stories.. We edit all your pictures and give the outcomes so artistic, sophisticated and classic that you can’t stop falling in love with them. Our albums narrate your stories.

Video Editing & Mixing in Srikakulam

Video Editing & Mixing

We can transform your raw videos into the most attractive ones by the magic of our editing skills. The video we create is rolling pictures of overwhelming moments you would cherish till eternity.

Brand Shootings in Srikakulam

Brand Shootings

Shoot high quality, conceptualized and exquisite images and videos of your products or services with us. Enhance the chances of enticing customers and getting chosen over your competitors.

Flexi Designs in Srikakulam

Flexi Designs

We design industry standard, innovative flex banners. You can get flex banners of all sizes designed for different purposes like wedding, personal branding, political campaigns etc.

Invitation Cards in Srikakulam

Invitation Cards

The invitation card sets the bar high, as does UV Dream Studios. We design invitation cards for your wedding in such a way that it is sure to impress all your guests & relatives. Get the best wedding cards in Srikakulam, designed with us.

Album Creations in Srikakulam

Album Creations

A wedding album is not just a collection of photos. It is a book, it is a book that holds our most precious memories. Wedding album isn’t a compilation but rather it is some great memory that is handcrafted in a way that tells a story.

Why To Choose Us?

We Listen

We listen to your ideas and your requirements and engage with you and understand your unique, thoughts and ideas, interests, as well as the budget plan.

We Think

We think about the best way to bring your thoughts into reality, as we brainstorm the best ways to bring your ideas and interests into reality with the given venue and budget.

We Design

We design wedding themes that you have always dreamed of. We turn your vision into reality via our expert designing process that has been created to be budget friendly.

We Present

We present our thoughts and designs to you and clearly and then listen to your inputs. As give you a good idea as to what your wedding day is going to be like beforehand.

We Revise

We revise and improvise our plans after processing your inputs. We always ensure that your wedding day is perfectly planned and organized according to requirements.

We Execute

We execute a seamless wedding experience in which our thoughts, our design, your ideas, and your insights are all fused together into one as we bring about a perfect day.

How We Help You

Get Authentic Pictures

With us, be sure to get an album full of candid pictures. As you wear your heart on your sleeves on the special day, we will preserve each of those moments you would love to cherish later. Be it you cracking up or shedding tears, each moment will be safe.

Feel The Moments Years Later

This is what you get for choosing the best wedding photographer in Srikakulam. Years later when you flip the pages of your wedding album, you can feel the rawness of the pictures clicked. The snaps will make you relive the moments.

Get The ‘Real You’ Clicked

We would not nag you to pose a certain way for the pictures. We do not entertain directing couples to act in a specific manner. Get clicked exactly the way you are with each other so that the snaps will speak out your real story.

Game Changers

We love framing the nuances of human emotions. When you exchange a shy glance with your partner during the ritual or hug your brother tight as he bids you farewell or sniff back tears at the threshold, we will capture every single moment for you.

Timely Delivery

As the finest wedding photographers in Srikakulam we are too sincere about working within our professional grid. Therefore, we will not keep you waiting for long. Videos and albums will be delivered exactly within the promised span.

Easily Affordable

We don’t aim at squeezing every drop out of your pocket. Despite the outstanding quality of service we promise to provide, we have kept the prices extremely reasonable so that our service doesn’t get restricted to only the elites.

Wedding Photography in Srikakulam

There is a story behind every wedding, as it is not the end but the beginning of a love story. It is the story of a couple starting a life together. A life filled with dreams and hopes. The wedding is not just about the food or the dance. It is about the family, the laughter, the tears, the locale, the guests, it is about everything that leads to your big day. It is a day where you can sit back and bring a smile.

We are the best wedding photographers in the Srikakulam district and we conceive the most stylish and exclusive weddings. The Srikakulam district is home to many happy couples. So if you are ready to join these happy couples and want to have a handcrafted wedding experience tailor-made based on your tastes and requirements, join Srikakulamads now.

Wedding Photography in Srikakulam

Wedding Videography in Srikakulam

We are a team of young, passionate and dynamic professionals who have previous experience working for different event management companies over the past few years. We are here to help you by providing all necessary services like wedding Photography, Videography, Grooming, Invitation designs, Sounding and lighting on your big day. Our major area of interest is to help as we reduce the burden the families face while organizing various different things for their loved ones’ weddings.

We arrange for wedding photography in Srikakulam for everyone and we have options available for all budget ranges. We at UV Dreamstudios are excited to work with you and your family as we set off on this beautiful journey, and give you the wedding of your dreams. We organize everything as per your plans and bring your wishes into reality to forge it into a memorable day. Contact us to discuss your wedding. We are happy to help you.

Our Popular Weddings in Srikakulam

We appreciated UV Dream Studios process-driven approach to wedding photography where they strongly believe in an action-oriented, decision-making culture. As one of the most responsible wedding photographers in Srikakulam, they take unbiased decisions suitable for your family.

I just wanted to send a personal thank you and acknowledgement for UV Dream Studios role in making our wedding a very special day. Their professionalism and ability to over-deliver on all aspects was amazing. They can easily top the wedding videographers in Srikakulam list.

About Us

I got to know about UV Dream Studios Wedding Planners through a common friend and hired the team for my wedding. They were very patient as they listened to all of our requirements and then walked us through their services. They are the most unique wedding planners in Srikakulam.

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for keeping in mind all the intricate details defined for our wedding and making the day special for us. If you are looking for best photographers in Srikakulam, then UV Dream Studios is the best one.

UV Dream Studios provides an excellent wedding videographers in Srikakulam and does a fantastic job of organizing our wedding photography! A team of dedicated professionals were working to be empathetic to their client’s needs. The band, decorations and ambience were excellent.

When we first hired UV Dream Studios we were really tensed as this is a young team and we were doubtful about them and their capabilities. But with some gifted wedding photographers in Srikakulam they kept surprising us from pre-wed to post-wed shoots.

‘It was truly a dream come true! With just a few minutes of conversation, we knew it would be a wedding to remember. The seamless transition from planning to execution is something I still haven’t gotten over!! We thank you everyday UV Dream Studios, and are so grateful to have met you!

It was truly a dream come true! With just a few minutes of conversation, we knew it would be a wedding to remember. The seamless transition from planning to execution is something I still haven’t gotten over!! We thank you everyday UV Dream Studios, and are so grateful to have met you!

Customers Say About Us

We approached UV Dream Studios for our wedding photography. From the very first conversation we were pleased with their professional outlook. They wonderfully stood up to our expectations by capturing the best of moments of our D-day. They are the best wedding photographers in srikakulam.

Arjun Reddy

Hiring UV Dream Studios for my marriage was probably the best decision. From the pre-wedding to the post-wedding photo shoots, everything was flawless. And the video they have filmed is breathtaking. If you are looking for videography services in Srikakulam then you are at the right place.

Gudiya Kalyan

I was going through my wedding video with my family and we just couldn’t stop appreciating UV Dream Studios work. They haven’t missed a single candid moment and have captured everything we would ever love to see. You’ll get the best videography service in Srikakulam from them.

Dinesh Kumar

We wanted a simple wedding that we can enjoy with our friends and family and were looking for a budget-friendly wedding planning service in Srikakulam. At that time we had registered on UV Dream Studios, and our wedding was an astounding success due to their service.

Neelapu Kailash

As we were searching for professional videography services for a family function in our local area of Palasa we came across UV Dream Studios. We were very fond of the work they did and to hire them for all our functions. For us they are the best event organisers in Srikakulam.

Naveen Gowdo

Being beautiful and being stunning are two very different things. With the otherworldly grooming services in Srikakulam provided by UV Dream Studios, I could not even recognize myself in the mirror. For wedding planners in Srikakulam, I would recommend only and only UV Dream Studios.

Niranjan Sahu

A wedding is a day in your life that you are sure to cherish, the wedding night is a special moment in every couple’s life. To capture those moments is truly a blessing and UV Dream Studios has bestowed that upon us. Choose UV Dream Studios as your wedding photographer in Srikakulam.

Maddi Arjun

One of our relatives recommended UV Dream Studios, and hiring them was one of the best decisions we ever made. A BIG THANK YOU to UV Dream Studios, for bringing to reality a fairytale wedding. Your thoughtful decisions make you the finest wedding planners in srikakulam.

Bhaskar Rowlo

One of our relatives recommended UV Dream Studios, and hiring them was one of the best decisions we ever made. A BIG THANK YOU to UV Dream Studios, for bringing to reality a fairytale wedding. Your thoughtful decisions make you the finest wedding planners in srikakulam.

Srikanth Reddy


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