Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad

Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad: History, Architecture, and Pictures

Adalaj Stepwell is also known as Rudabai Stepwell. The grandeur of the architecture depicts the Indo-Islamic architectural elements and the structure beholds a tale of beauty and tragedy. Adalaj ni vav is a five-story structure adorned with graceful sculptures from both Hindu and Jain religions.

Adalaj Stepwell Timing and Entry Fee:
Stepwell of Adalaj is open to tourists on all days from morning 6 am to evening 6 pm.
This majestic destination has no entry fees! The Adalaj Stepwell is a beautiful architectural destination that stands proudly and welcomes all tourists warmly!

Adalaj Stepwell Architecture:
Can beauty be captured in stones? The answer is definitely yes! Adalaj ni vav is the perfect depiction. The visual vista offered from the fifth floor is alluring. The turquoise waters glowing under the shade of the golden sun is a sight to behold. This structure is a fusion of Hindu craftsmanship and Geometric patterns of Islamic architecture. The carvings represent the daily life of people from women churning butter to a king sitting on a stool with two chauri bearers. This place is also considered to be holy and many people offer flowers to the Hindu and Jain deities adorning the walls. The entire structure comprises finely carved columns and skillfully crafted platforms and niches.

The opening in the ceiling enables light and air to enter the octagonal well. However, there is one fascinating feature! No direct sunlight touches the flight of stairs and that is how the Stepwell is cooler than the outside ambiance.

This stepwell has three entrance stairs. The designs also feature Navagraha that are believed to ward off evil spirits, a pot called Ami Khumbor that beholds water of life and Kalpavriksha- the tree of life.

The step well is dug deep enough to store rainwater and prevent the shortage of water. This shows that there is always a solution to the challenges of life!

Adalaj Stepwell History:
By now, you would have learned about the exquisite architecture here at the stepwell of Adalaj. There is more to this structure. These walls sing a tale of love and war. This stepwell brings to you a story about devotion, betrayal, and sacrifice.


King Rana Veer Singh commenced the construction of this stepwell to battle the water scarcity in 1499. It was to relieve the people in the arid regions from the pain of walking miles and miles. Unfortunately, he never lived to see the glory of this stepwell. He was martyred in the battle against the Sultan of Gujarat, Mehmud Begada.

Mehmud Begada fell in love with Rana Veer Singh’s widow Queen Rudabai. The queen agreed to marry him provided he first completed the construction of the stepwell. Remember those were the days that depict our country’s loyalty and devotion. The queen only wanted her late husband’s dreams to come true. Once the stepwell was constructed, Queen Rudabai fell into the stepwell and died.

The tombs of the six masons who constructed this stepwell can be seen too! Mehmud Begada did not want anyone to replicate the allure of the Adalaj Stepwell. Then upon his orders, the six masons who had built the step well of Adalaj were killed.

The Adalaj Sanctuary:
The Adalaj step well provided refuge to travelers and local people. The architectural design ensures that the insides of Adalaj Stepwell are 6 degrees cooler than the outside atmosphere. The villagers used to come to this stepwell in the early mornings to fill waters and offer prayers to the deities carved into the walls.


The Adalaj stepwell has served as a resting place for pilgrims and caravans too! All these services and shelter are free of cost. The benevolence of the king, the brilliance of the Queen Rudabai, and the love of Mehmud Begada brought this architectural wonder into existence. This stepwell was a haven that quenched the thirst of the people.

How to reach:
The Adalaj Stepwell is located in Adalaj village, Gandhinagar district, Gujarat.

By Air:
Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport is the nearest airport from Adalaj Stepwell that is 15 kilometers away.

By Train:
Ahmedabad Railway Station is the nearest train station located at a distance of
18 kilometers from this Stepwell.

By Road:
Adalaj Stepwell is sited at a distance of 18 kilometers from the city of Ahmedabad and 128 kilometers from Vadodara. Any private cab or bus can be availed to reach Adalaj.

The Adalaj Stepwell symbolizes a tragic yet beautiful love story. There is a message for all of us. There is a depiction of something more than architecture. Helping people is the true heritage of our Bharat. Adalaj Stepwell awaits to bewitch you with its intricate architecture and rich history.

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