Buditi Bell and Brass Craft Srikakulam

Arts & Crafts – Budithi Bell and Brass Craft

Buditi is a small village towards the North East of Srikakulam with bubbling creativity and craftsmanship. A lot of people find joy and their livelihood in moulding and shaping alloys like brass , sheathing them with love and creating beautiful items which entice people toward it.

Initially only basic requirements like brass utensils were produced but with the passage of time, the art has evolved, a modern artistic touch has been added and the variety of items has expanded. Today, idols, pots , flower vases etc are made by them.

This art form was the brainchild of Budithi Addala Rama Krishna who after learning the art of drawing patterns on brass from his wife, started building the castles of his creativity. He produces a large number of brass items and sells it extensively. His items hold a place even in the international market. Impressed with his expertise in the art and his entrepreneurship the government has bestowed wayward on him. 

It is a thing of pride that the Budithi Brassware has been registered with the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 as a handicraft of geographical indication.While the nation doesn’t sing its praise, the international market looks up to it. The cost of the articles are decided based on the intricacy of the work done on the items. 

The pages of history reveal that these craftsmen used to get royal patronage. They were mostly jewellers who dealt with precious metals to carve out gorgeous ornaments. But with the tides of time, eroded was their prosperity. Still they have been resilient enough to switch to brass and amaze the world again with the power of their creativity. Come to Budithi and the authentic manifestation of creative patterns through the age old art will certainly mesmerize you.


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