Dassam Falls Jharkhand Ranchi

Dassam Falls In Jharkhand: A Cascading Beauty

Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand
Elevation: 336 m (1,102 ft)
Height of waterfalls: 40 m (144 ft)
Watercourse: Kanchi river

Dassam falls in Jharkhand are also known as Dassam bagh. They are waterfalls that cascade in the Indian state of Jharkhand, formed by river Kanchi, a tributary of the Subarnarekha river. Dassam waterfalls are located near Tamaira village in Ranchi.

The atmosphere is full of the echoing sounds of falls that can be heard all over the place. The waters of Dassam falls are crystal clear and represent sheer purity. This beautiful waterfall is in fact a fusion of 10 water streams cascading all at the same time.

Dassam falls in Jharkhand are also known for their natural beauty and picturesque view. Dassam falls are surrounded by lush greenery that attracts visitors from across the world. It is interesting to know that around 6 million people visit Dassam falls annually.

You can unwind and relax when you are surrounded by the melody of the echoing sounds of the cascading water. The tunes and melody which one encounters here is a different feeling altogether.

If you are interested in recreational activities, there are facilities provided near the Kanchi river. However, you have to be careful! It is not recommended to play or take a bath in, as it’s very dangerous, especially for kids.

It is a good place to visit to get away from the polluted, bustling life of the city. One can also try a bit of trekking behind the falls. However, it is quite a bit of risk. The picturesque landscape and the serenity make this a perfect picnic destination.

Earlier Dassam falls were pronounced as da-song falls. Da-song is a Mundari word that means the act of pouring water. The name was changed because people from various places found it difficult to pronounce this dialect.


Efforts made by the State government:
To develop Dassam falls as a mainstream tourism spot, the government has initiated many developmental projects. Stairs and platforms have been built way down to the base of waterfalls; to view and enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls. However, it is best to avoid slippery rocks. The state government’s endeavor has enabled us to take a closer look at Dassam falls. It is a fabulous chance to explore the beauty of natural creations.

Best time to visit:
The best time to visit Dassam falls is during winter and summer. You may avoid visiting Dassam falls in monsoon as the force of falls is strong and intense during the monsoon. During winter and summer, it is a very calm and serene place that can soothe you.

The Dassam Falls can be visited any time from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
It takes around 2 hours to visit the falls completely. Therefore plan accordingly! It is completely up to you. You may also choose to spend more than two hours at this destination and enjoy its beauty.


Things to be taken care of during your visit:
We recommend you to be careful and avoid taking a dip in these waters. Over time, the flowing waters have created many narrow tunnels between the rocks that go beneath the water. Hence, if someone drowns they are likely to get stuck in these complex tunnels beneath. The rapid water flow doesn’t allow them to swim back up. Consequently, a struggle ends in a painful death.

How to reach Dassam Falls Jharkhand:
The Dassam Falls in Jharkhand is very easy to reach, and one can access them via air, train, or road!

By Air:
The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport which is around 31 kilometers away from the falls.

By Train:
The nearest railway station is the Ranchi railway station situated around 26 kilometers from this destination.

By Road:
Birsa Munda Bus Stand Kantatoli is 24 kilometers from Dassam falls. The road to Dassam falls is well maintained and good. It is not too cramped and packed with traffic. Hence a road trip would be smooth and peaceful. You can easily reach Dassam falls via road.

We all know that nature is the greatest architect in the world. Dassam Falls is a luxurious gift that nature has bestowed upon us. A trip to this destination will refresh you. We all deserve a retreat and refreshment. Why not plan a trip to Dassam Falls? A perfect getaway in the laps of nature.

To capture the beauty of a place in still moments is an art. We appreciate Avik Mukherjee, for the photographs which have been used in this article. So thank you Mr. Mukherjee for giving us a great set of pictures, each of which speaks more than a thousand words. You can check out his great work on Instagram @avikininsta

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