Kunchikal Falls in Karnataka

Kunchikal Falls Karnataka – a Descent Towards Serenity

There are numerous waterfalls in India, one among them is the Kunchikal Falls in the Western Ghats of our country. The cascading waterfall seems like a part of heaven seen on earth. The view of the waterfalls is mesmerizing and the sounds made by birds in the vicinity of waterfalls are harmonious.

About Kunchikal Waterfalls:
Kunchikal Waterfall in India is situated amidst the dense lusty forests near Agumbe hill station and Hulikal Ghati temple. The descent of the Varahi River creates this impassable waterfall. It falls from a height of 455 meters. Kunchikal Falls height in feet would be 1493 feet.

Kunchikal Falls were once lasting and full of life all through the year, but after the development of the Mani Dam, the water was moved to the dam to create power through the hydroelectric plant built close to Hulikal, Shimong. Presently, the stream is once in a while overwhelming. The dam limits the public drive into the range resulting in a smaller number of visitors.

Nevertheless, the foamy and milky waters of the Kunchikal Waterfall are quite captivating.

What is unique about Kunchikal Falls?
Kunchikal Waterfall is assessed to be higher than the Jog waterfalls.
It is the most elevated waterfall in India as per the World Waterfall Database.
Kunchikal Waterfall is positioned 116th among the World’s Highest Waterfalls.
It comprises four tiers over a run of 1500.ft long.

Other little waterfalls are encompassing the Kunchikal waterfall, those streams are from the Varahi river

It is the primary contributor to the generation of hydroelectricity in the state of Karnataka.
South Canara forests and Barkhana falls can be observed by you, from this place.
Kunchikal Waterfall is well-maintained by the government and is one of the most unpolluted and pristine ones in the area.

Things to do:
Kunchikal Waterfalls is one of the most peaceful and beautiful picnic spots to visit with all the family members.

Kunchikal Falls is also a popular trekking spot. Hence, carefully monitored trekking can be done.

Things to avoid:
As the water flows from a tremendous height, taking bath and playing in the water flow is extremely dangerous if the water flow is heavy.

The Western Ghats are home for different flora and fauna including Giant Indian squirrel, Indian bullfrog, and other unique birds, rare reptiles, and wild animals. So, traversing around Kunchikal waterfalls is not advisable. Be extremely cautious if children are with you.

Best Time to visit:
Since most of the water is transferred to the dam for the generation of power, the water stream and current are tall only within the monsoon season. It is from July to September. A cool breeze blowing around the woods, sprinkling rain pouring from the sky, the sparkling-fairy Kunchikal waterfalls tumbling down the rocks, the reverberating sounds of the stream of water, the pleasant chirping of birds all together make the magnificence of the view to be beyond your imagination. So, the best time to visit the waterfalls is amid the monsoon season.

Kunchikal Falls Karnataka

The hours allocated for visitors are 6 am to 6 pm, the hours of service may differ depending on the day or the season.

Traveler Tips:
There is no proper residential facility available around the Kunchikal Waterfall, whereas dine-in restaurants are available for resting and eating. So, you must look upon the place of stay in advance itself.

The entry to the Kunchikal Waterfall is restricted, and a gate pass is required to enter the waterfall area. The pass will be issued at Hosgandi village, 15 km away from the waterfalls. It is free of cost.

Places to Visit Nearby:

Favored with wealthy biodiversity, Agumbe gives an enhancing encounter. Agumbe could be a small village, and a slope station, arranged within the Shimoga locale of Karnataka.

Journey along the wild paths and experience the raw magnificence of the wild nature. It could be a marsh rainforest with the second-highest yearly precipitation in India. Hence, it is known as the “Cherrapunji of South India.” It was the shooting setting for the celebrated Malgudi Days show!

Barkana Falls:
Barkana Falls had made its put within the ten highest waterfalls of India. It is shaped by the Seetha Waterway and shapes a perfect pool underneath. It is found close to Agumbe and offers a glittering sea of the cascading waters.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary:
The mountains of the Western Ghats serve as a crown to this aphrodisiac park. It is home to wild tigers and different biodiversity. You can spot the Bhadra Waterway streaming through the Sanctuary, giving life to various species. It is moreover known as ‘Muthodi Natural life Sanctuary’ and is a 2-hour trip from Kunchikal Waterfalls.

Sringeri is a divine site where the goddess of education ‘Saraswati’ resides. It is prominently believed that the blessings of this goddess would enrich your mind and memory. It is a devotional destination around 66 kilometers from the Kunchikal Waterfalls.
Sringeri is an abode to peace and comes with baffling history. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya found a snake unveiling its hood to shelter a frog from the scorching sun.

How to reach Kunchikal Falls?
Kunchikal Falls is located in Nidagodu village near Masthikatte in the Shimong-Udupi district border of Karnataka state.

Udupi railway station is the closest to Agumbe, approximately at a distance of 67 kilometers.

Mangalore airport is the nearest being 142 kilometers away from the waterfalls.

The region is connected through roads to major cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, etc. There are coordinated buses from Bangalore to the Kunchikal waterfall.
People can take taxis, private vehicles to the Kunchikal Waterfall in India once they reach the adjacent city through street rail or aviation routes. The final kilometer to reach the waterfalls is slippery with rocks and mud, so it is vital to stay cautious.

Kunchikal Waterfalls is one of the foremost lovely manifestations of nature, where the sky and the waters come alive. Savor the smooth stream of the Varahi Stream cascading down the Agumbe hill. The climate resonates with the ensemble of the streaming and tumbling waters. Wake up from the rigidity of daily life and delight within the eminence of Kunchikal Waterfall in India.

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