Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya Bihar

Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya Bihar – History, Architecture, and More

The sacred land of Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya welcomes you to embark on a spiritual journey to find enlightenment and salvation. This divine temple was constructed on the site where Gautama Siddhartha attained enlightenment under the canopy of the Peepal Tree.

This was the first place that witnessed the transformation of Gautama Siddhartha into Lord Buddha and thus is one among the four holy Buddhist sites.

Mahabodhi Temple beholds a significant number of shrines that are worshipped and revered by pilgrims and tourists alike. This temple resides on the banks of the Niranjana River. A yellow sandstone statue of Lord Buddha, encased in glass can be found inside the main shrine.

Mahabodhi Temple History:
Although the sources are unclear, it is widely believed that Mahabodhi temple came into existence in the 3rd century. King Ashoka was the ruler who brought this majestic temple into its existence and is one of the most ancient Buddhist temples. This temple witnessed its ruins in the hands of Muslim rulers in the 11th century.

Mahabodhi temple was refurbished in the Pala Sena period that was between 750- 1200 AD. However, this temple faced a lot of neglect in the forthcoming centuries. The second half of the 19th century came as a blessing.

British archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham played a remarkably heavy role in restoring this temple’s glory and it was completely restored by Burmese Buddhists in the year 1882. Mahabodhi temple was crowned as a World UNESCO heritage site in the year 2002. The Mahabodhi Temple’s history is one of pride and glory.

Temple Architecture:
Mahabodhi temple is one of the oldest structures to be made out of complete bricks, covered in stucco. The temple’s main shikhara is about 180 feet high. It has a central tower that is surrounded by four other elegant towers. These four towers are dome-shaped in the form of an umbrella. The railings depict eagles, various gods and goddesses, and lotuses. Mahabodhi temple boasts about the finesse of the Indian brickwork.



Meditating At Mahabodhi Temple Complex:
This temple has its own energy. Those who take out the time to be silent would feel the vibrancy and positivity reverberating in the atmosphere. The vibrations can reach your soul through meditation. Sit under the canopy of the trees that are alive with the chatter of the eccentric birds.

The gushing fountains in the meditation gardens augment the beauty of this temple. With monks surrounding you, you can easily lose yourself in the world of meditation. It’s a chance to forget the perils of daily life and engage yourself with the spiritual world. A lifetime experience that will change the way you perceive the world.

Bodhi Tree:
This is the ancient and sacred fig tree under which Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment. The present tree is a descendant of the original tree. The Bodhi tree stands adjacent to the temple complex with its heart-shaped leaves. Bodhi Tree is the prime symbol of spirituality that depicts the journey of Lord Buddha.

Mahabodhi Mandir Timings and entry fees:
The Mahabodhi Temple timings are as follows and this complex can be visited from 5 a.m. in the morning to 9 p.m. This Buddha temple does not have an entry fee.
However, you need to pay INR 100 to carry a camera and INR 300 for a video camera.

Best time to visit:
Wondering which months would be the right time to visit this temple? We have got the answer for you. The best time to visit Mahabodhi temple Bodhgaya is between the months of November and February. The weather is cool and resplendent, which allows you to explore this temple peacefully.

We recommend you to avoid the monsoon months -July to September. The weather is quite wet and heavy rains are likely to dampen your trip plans!

How to reach Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya?
Mahabodhi Temple is located in Bodhgaya, Bihar.

By Flight:
The nearest airport would be Gaya airport that is also a 30-minute drive from this temple. This temple complex is sited at a distance of 11 kilometers from the airport.

By Train:
The nearest railway station that connects Bodhgaya to all the major places across the country is Gaya Junction. This station is located at a distance of 17 kilometers from this temple. Hop on a cab and you will reach this destination within half an hour.

By Road:
There are plenty of state-owned buses and private taxis running across the state. This destination is around 110 kilometers from the capital city of Patna. Mahabodhi temple is amply connected to all major cities via road. All you have to do is choose a vehicle and set off.

The Mahabodhi temple in Bihar is a serene pilgrimage destination. Explore the beauty of this temple and you might find salvation and inner peace too! Mahabodhi Temple awaits you with its peaceful ambiance. This is a journey that will help you find solace and enlightenment.
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