Parashuram Kund Arunachal Pradesh

The Story Of Parashuram Kund Arunachal Pradesh: History, Kund Mela

Parshuram Kund is a place that holds mythological and holy importance. Over the ages, lots of stories were passed on with the generations in regard to Parshuram Kund. One of the famous versions of this story is as follows.

It was believed that Parshuram was the son of Renuka, a Kshatriya princess, and a Bhramin saint Jamadagni. The story of Parashurama was one of tragedy, sin, and salvation. One fine day Parshuram’s mother went to the river to bring back some water. When she had gone to the river, she had spotted a handsome prince frolicking and flirting with some women in the river.

With that, she had felt a strong desire to join the prince in the water. For a while, she forgot her husband was waiting for her back home, as she stared at him in awe. By the time she came back, Jamadagni through his meditative powers had found out about her adulterous thoughts. To Jamadagni, this was an unforgivable, act and enraged order lord Parshuram to kill her, his own mother. From this point on the Parshuram Kund story, also helps illustrate the Hindu belief of Karma.

Lord Parshuram, although torn between the act of killing his mother and the act of disobeying his father’s orders, had decided to behead his mother with an ax.

Seeing as this was a horrid crime, to kill a woman, especially one’s mother. As a form of punishment, Lord Parshuram’s ax was stuck to his hand. Being the man he was, Jamadgani was pleased with his son’s obedience and granted him one boon, which he promised to fulfill. Lord Parshuram who was now overflowing with guilt had asked for his mother back. As a result, Jamadgani had obliged. But even now the ax remained stuck to Lord Parshuram’s hand.

However, even after Parshuram’s mother returned, the ax was still stuck to his hand. It was at this time the guilt had begun to weigh down on him more than ever. Then after he took the advice of some particular Rishi-munis, Parshuram himself appeared at the River Lohit to take a dip and wash away his sins. As a result of this, the ax detached itself from his hand. This site where he was let free is now a holy place of worship known as Parshuram Kund.

This mythological, and epic Parshuram Kund Story is one of an immense cultural backdrop and symbolically represents the Hindu concept of Karma. The Parshuram Kund Story should be spread for generations to come and is a tale of immense interest.

Parshuram Kund Temple:
Parshuram Kund is like a Hindu pilgrimage spot, and as for the religious significance of Parshuram Kund? It acts as a holy place of worship. The Parshuram Kund temple was built to honor sage Parshuram. The temple is situated near the Lohit river. It is believed that those who dip themselves in the Lohit river, the holy river, will wash away any sins. Due to this belief, around 70,000 devotees come to take a dip in the Lohit River, here at Parshuram Kund.

Parashuram Kund Arunachal-Pradesh

Parshuram Kund Mela:
The Parshuram Kund Mela is celebrated every year as a result of Makar Sankranti. The Parshuram Mela is hosted here every year from the 1st of Jan all the way to the 31st. During the mela, many mountain tribes bring down cows, rare fur rugs, and other animals. During the Parshuram Kund Mela, the department of tourism has been working with the district administration to make grand arrangements since 1972. They also take care and ensure that other public needs are taken care of such as shops, clean drinking water, edibles, and safe lodging.

How to Reach Parshuram Kund:
Parshuram Kund is located in Arunachal Pradesh and is on the Brahmaputra plateau, close to the Lohit River.

By Air:
To reach Parshuram Kund in Arunachal Pradesh by air one can catch a flight to Dibrugarh airport, which is around 200 kilometers from here, and from there they can hire a cab or catch a bus to Lohit river.

By Road:
Parshuram Kund is easily accessible by road and there is a good road system implemented. There are many car rental services available in this area, to help tourists easily reach there.

By Rail:
Unfortunately, there is no direct route that makes Parshuram Kund accessible through rail. The railway station nearest to Parshuram Kund is in Tinsukia which is around 160 kilometers away. So once you arrive there you could make use of the many car rental services or hire a cab to take you to Parshuram Kund.

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