Best Play Schools and Pre Schools in Srikakulam

A play school is usually seen as a place where children (below 5 years of age) come to play and learn. Play schools are available in almost every city and major towns; thus, these play schools play an important part in a child’s physical and mental development at an early age.

Why Play Schools?

Play Schools are especially designed for kids to learn and play before they begin their formal education. It is this concept of pre-schooling that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It is right at this age that children learn more things through these platforms. Kids also get to learn more creative communication and self-help skills and will get used to going to school.

Apart from this, children can learn to make new friends while having fun along the way with the right toys which all will help them in their overall development. Children are sent to play schools mostly by those working parents who cannot devote their entire time to look after their kids.

Advantages of a Play School

Many people say play school is the second home for a kid – a home with few extra members and many things to learn. The concept of play schools is not something new and different to Indian society.

Play schools can offer you a lot of benefits, best facilities, learning, knowledge, communication and these schools never aim at developing academic skills like reading and writing, and there are no set goals or any stress regarding performance on the kids; though, the focus is on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child.

Play schools do have a variety of toys for kids to spend their day at play school. Kids always love to play with toys. Few toys can hurt kids too. However, games are harmless if learned or monitored under supervision. Play schools have a teacher who is always around kids, and they help your kid to learn games in a safer zone.

Crafts, Games, storytelling and many activities for kids that teach them morals and lessons that the older generation taught. In craft and arts, kids do learn how to solve puzzles that can improve their imagination as well as building blocks or some jig jag puzzles that enable them to think and act while having fun too.

In today’s world where everyone is busy in their life, there is no time for parents to go and hunt the best playschool in Srikakulam in person.

In the words of Kathy Walker, Learning is not a race to be won to see who gets there first. Learning is about acquiring satisfaction, meaning, and skills and feeling good about ourselves. The following list of top play schools in Srikakulam underlines the essence of learning in all its joy for your child:

Best Playschools in Srikakulam

In this article, we shall be talking about the best play schools in the Srikakulam region. Below is the list of those:

SVG Joykids Play School in Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam is one of the top play schools which offers great infrastructure, children safety, neat and clean surroundings and far away from the noise and air pollution of urban hustle-bustle.

This play school offers practical and intellectual sessions with the children for their overall development. Rated 3.8 stars (out of 5) in google ratings, this school is surely one of the best play schools in Srikakulam.

Indian Play School, Visakha B Colony, Srikakulam is another good option to go for as they are one of the best schools you would come across in Srikakulam. They have a very creative and innovative approach with the way they help your child possess necessary skills. They have a good google rating of 4.5 stars.

Kidzee Play School in Oxygen hospital Lane, Palasa is one of the top rated day care schools in Palasa. This school caters to children from 12 months to 10 years, and focuses on all the areas of child overall development like linguistic, physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and creative areas.

Kidzee Play School in Palasa also claims to provide children a home-away-from-home environment to optimize their potential. They have a good google rating of 4.6 stars, and seems to be a good choice when it comes to your child’s overall development.

Little Kids, Potanapallivari Veedhi, Kasibugga is located in the pollution-free and secure environment of Palasa, Srikakulam. They have a variety of programs designed and customized as per the needs of your child. They claim to provide enriching, value-driven and secure care to the children.

This child care school has state of the art facilities that are child-friendly and has age-appropriate furniture, toys and play space. They have a google rating of 4.9 stars, and seems to be yet another good option to get your child enrolled.

Crayons The School in Pathapatnam, is inspired by Waldorf and Montessori methodology and claims to have designed the syllabus and the course curriculum which caters to the holistic development of the child.

They provide each and every enrolled child an opportunity to take part in extracurricular/character building activities in a playful way; besides providing a child with various problem-solving challenges to help with their mental development as well. This is surely one of the best play schools in Srikakulam.

Hebron Mission School in Ichchapuram, Srikakulam has a google rating of 4.3 and definitely it’s worth that rating given the fact that they have a leading-edge teaching methodology, aesthetic ambience and a state-of-the-art infrastructure apart from providing the best-in-class safety and hygiene.

Smartkids Play School, Sompeta, Srikakulam their infrastructure include thematic rooms like an aqua room, audio-visual room and an art and crafts room. The rooms are well equipped with non-toxic toys and equipment, as per the learning objectives and the themes.

They also provide a provision of a transfer of a student from one center to another, within the city. Their curriculum includes sensorial activities, language concepts, numerical concepts, science and nature studies and so on.

Orient Kids School, Kanchara St, Rajam, Srikakulam is another good play school which could help your kids’ personal overall development. This playschool helps in building a strong foundation for a lifelong interest in learning and personal growth.

They have designed the curriculum in a way that helps kids inculcate good habits and positive attitude, besides a sense of self-development.

Roots Play School, Narasannapeta, Srikakulam has a google rating and they have designed a child-centric curriculum which emphasizes on physical and creative development, apart from inculcating mathematical awareness, language and literacy, personality and social development.

They have arranged all the rooms in the form of learning centers which are conducive for problem solving, personality development, decision making, role plays, discovering their personal interests and so on.

You could choose amongst any of these best play schools in Srikakulam for your kid’s admission. Hope you liked this article and found it useful. Will update more such content in near future. All the best!

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