Rivers in Srikakulam

Rivers in Srikakulam | Vamsadhara River

Rivers in Srikakulam District:

Srikakulam is a riverine district. The four rivers in Srikakulam district are the Vamsadhara, the Nagavali, the Mahendratanaya and the Bahuda river. Out of these the two major ones are Vamsadhara and Nagavali rivers. Together they cover 5% of the total area of Srikakulam district. All the rivers have their course in Andhra Pradesh as well as the adjacent rivernine state Odisha, where they have their origins too. Both Vamsadhara and Nagavali confluence with the Bay of Bengal at two different regions in Srikakulam which are popular beaches and prominent tourist destinations in the state.

Vamsadhara River:

The Vamsadhara river has its course between Rushikulya and Godavari rivers. Originating from the border of Thuamul Rampur in the Kalahandi and Kalyansingpur in Rayagada district of Odisha, the river flows for a stretch of 254 km in the states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. 154 km flows in Odisha,29km has its course at the border of the two neighbouring states and 82km lies entirely in Andhra Pradesh. it confluences with the Bay of Bengal at Kalingapatnam in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. 

The Vamsadhara river basin has a catchment area of 10,830 km. The river witnesses an average rainfall of 40 mm. Since Vamsadhara flows through both Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, an agreement has been made to enable both the states to use equal share of water. The banks of Vamsadhara river in Andhra Pradesh hosts two major tourist destinations. One being the Kalingapatnam where it confluences with the Bay of Bengal and the other being Mukhalingam , quite proximal to Kalingapatnam. One of Vamsadhara’s important tributaries is Mahendratanaya. It originates from the Mahendra hills of Gajapati district of Odisha, flows 90Km and merges with the Bay of Bengal near Baruva in Andhra Pradesh. An irrigation project across the vamsadhara river of an estimated amount of Rs127 crores which was launched by the former chief minister of Andhra pradesh,YS Rajasekhar Reddy is yet to be completed.

Srikakulam Nagavali River:

The Srikakulam Nagavali river, popularly called Langulya , originates from a hill in Kalahandi district of Odisha and flows from Southern Odisha to Northern Andhra Pradesh. Nagavali is an independent river and the river basin has a catchment area of 9510 km. Though the total length of the river is 256Km, 161Km of the river flows in Odisha and the rest flow in Andhra Pradesh. It receives an annual rainfall of 1000 mm. The Nagavali river has its course in vizianagaram, Srikakulam and finally merges with the Bay of Bengal at Kallepalli, Srikakulam.

Bahuda River:

The Bahuda river’s origin is located at Goniya Bosa hills in Orissa state and it flows through the villages of Ichapuram mandal, Srikakulam.The Bahuda river assists farmers of Ichapuram with the cultivation of their majestic paddy crop. Bahuda River connects the borders of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. The Bahuda river bridge has been there for ages and surprisingly trains pass through the bridge till date. People throw coins on it as a symbol of their devotion. The river finally merges with the Bay of Bengal at Donkuru village.

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