Paper Jamdani Srikakulam

The Traditional Epic Art @ Paper Jamdani

Story Of Paper Jamdani:

Developed by Annaji Rao to compete with the affordable and bulk products of the mushrooming British power looms, Paper Jamdani or Alikam is an indigenous art that has reached the corners of the globe and upholds the power of nationalism, reminding  us of our victorious feat against the oppressive colonisation.  

Paper Jamdani Weaving:

Jamdani involves weaving a brocaded fabric with sporadic weft yarns. Alikam uses the tapestry technique to imbibe a picture on Jamdani fabric. Needless to say, Alikam requires a keen eye and extreme finesse in the skill. Since the work is very fine and intricate, it consumes a lot of time.

A couple of years are spent in completing a single saree. Of course with a greater number of skilled craftsmen, the task has become smoother and yields output in bulk for commercial purposes. 

Taking into consideration the efforts put into the art, it is obvious that each piece of fabric will be fetching a good sum. But knowing the actual price will baffle you. A single saree can cost you lakhs. Nevertheless, because of the sophistication, singularity and artistic opulence of the fabric, the demand is ever rising. Annaji’s client list bears the name of A list designers of national and international origin.

Annaji Rao’s Paper Jamdani Training Center:

Annaji has a training centre where he takes around 30 students per batch and helps them master the art of Paper Jamdani.  Students from National Institute of Fashion Technology also throng the place to hone the craft. 

Though Paper Jamdani is yet to get popularised in the general crowd, it is a highly revered art form in the professional circuit of textile professionals and among the connoisseurs of handicraft.

Though attempts are made by Annaji and his group to keep this alive, support from other governmental and non-governmental sources can push it a notch higher and in turn it can prevail as a testimonial art form, glorifying our triumphant past and cultural resplendence.

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