Tagore Hills Ranchi

Tagore Hills Ranchi, Jharkhand: History And Legacy Of The Tagore Family

Tagore Hill Ranchi Jharkhand offers a picturesque view of dawn and sunset which can be enjoyed from the pinnacle of Tagore hill. Standing to be one of the most beautiful creations of nature located within the great state of Jharkhand.

The hill is about 300 feet high and is sited 4 kilometers from Albert Ekka Chowk. Tagore hill once stood to be the ashram of Rabindra Nath’s elder brother Jyotindra Nath, before it evolved to be the Tagore Hill we know and love today.

The Ramkrishna Mission Ashram is located at the bottom of the Tagore Hill Ranchi. This ashram is situated in the middle of the Agrarian Vocational Institute and Divyayan. The alluring view of the Tagore Hill of Ranchi captivates the eyes of all its spectators, irrespective of their tastes and interests.

Tagore hill is visited by an astounding number of people to seek to enjoy the calmness, peaceful beauty, and serene atmosphere in the surroundings along with an astounding and pure birds-eye view of Ranchi city which is a beautiful hill station.

Ascend the Tagore hill staircase to reach the hilltop and experience the peace of the fresh and calm environment. Do you easily get tired while walking or climbing? Then rest assured! Tagore Hill has got many places where you can take rest and re-energize.

This destination is equally popular among adventure lovers and thrill seekers pursuing adventure sports and activities like rock climbing. This idyllic hill represents the power of nature that inspired the Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, to write some of his famed works. Tagore hill to this day carries the proud legacy of the Tagore Family.

Tagore Hill History:
According to the local residents, this hill was once a hideout for hooligans and represented the degrading law in the country. The peace and beauty could only be restored by the combined efforts of the locals and the tourism department.


The Tagore Hill is strongly associated with Rabindranath’s elder brother Jyotirindranath Tagore who settled here in 1912. Jyotindranath had moved away in search of a secluded respite after his young wife had committed suicide. In doing so, he had found some long-needed solace in Ranchi.

Bewitched by the beauty and view this majestic hill could offer, he urged him to settle down there. He moved on to build the two buildings Brahma Sthal and Shanti Dham. He resided in Shanti Dham until his demise in 1925.

Historians believe that the local zamindar Harihar Singh was quite impressed by the accomplishments of the Tagore family that he decided to donate the hillock and its properties to Jyotirindranath.

Apt to its name, Shanti Dham is truly an abode to peace and the serenity of the atmosphere only adds to its charm. This hill, later on, came to be known as Tagore Hill. This hill was further purchased by the Chaudhary family. Upon the request of the Tagore Hill Trust, Madhusudhan Chaudhary had graciously donated this hill to the trust.


Places to visit:
You will come across a place called Kusumtala while scaling your way up Tagore hill. Kusumtala is the place where Jyotirindranath Tagore used to sit and perform prayers and it is the birthplace of many of his soulful and soothing music.

A Ramakrishna Mission which is the center of a spiritual retreat is also situated at the base of Tagore Hill and improves the hill’s stature as a spiritually enjoyable spot.

Timings and Entry fee:
This hill is open for all the visitors on all days of the week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Entry Fee:
There is no entry fee. A great opportunity for you to lose yourself in the peace of nature.

Average Visit Duration:
The average visitor spends around 1 to 2 hours enjoying the serenity of Tagore Hill Jharkhand.

Best Time to Visit:
An awesome place to be in the evening! Gates close at sunset, and to enjoy the best views try to arrive at the gate by 4 pm. Plausible weather is essential for an incredible view of Ranchi.

Tagore hill is the best destination for trek lovers. People visit this site throughout the year. However, this hill is out of bounds during heavy downpours. Safety is highly valued!

How to Reach Tagore Hill Ranchi, Jharkhand:

By Train:
Tagore hill is situated in Morabadi and it is 9km away from the Ranchi railway station.

By Air:
The closest airport would be Birsa Munda Airport which is almost 15 kilometers away from Tagore Hill.

By Road:
Tagore hill is around 7 kilometers away from the Khadgarha bus stand.

You can get entry to this vicinity through rickshaws, taxis, and auto-rickshaws, which may be hired from any part of the city.

Tagore hill awaits you with its panoramic vistas and glorious beauty. A perfect destination for the people who want a getaway from the rigidity of the monotonous routine. You might find the inspiration that you might have been looking for. So this is your chance!

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