10 Tips to Help First-Time Home Buyers

While you buy a property, you are not simply providing a cheque to the seller and obtaining the keys. The process of selling and buying real estate is complicated and often a lengthy process. The selection process will actually walk you through various steps right from the beginning till end.

In the past few years, the potential investors and home seekers are constantly facing problems in buying commercial and residential properties in Srikakulam. Though you may think, buying a property for sale in Srikakulam is not at all a daunting task. However, there are certain factors that should be considered to make the best bet on properties you purchase in this popular town of coastal Andhra. 

Most home buyers struggle a lot when they are looking forward to buying a property. The main reason is that most home buyers have limited knowledge about the latest property and are unable to understand about the dynamic market. The challenge of buying a new home with the lowest price range, extra features available at home and many more will be a daunting task. For demystifying the process of buying a home, you need to get adequate knowledge on many different things in buying a property. 

Why Should You Buy a Home?

Before diving into all that needs to be considered while buying a home, let’s first have a look at the importance of buying one. There’s no doubt that purchasing a home eats up a huge chunk of your savings. But is that massive expenditure worth it? Below are certain points which might suffice the needs of the question raised.

Let’s start by catering to our emotions. Buying a home equates to owning an extortionate asset for lifetime. It gives a sense of security to the owner. To possess a space in this giant world which you can call your own is indeed a blissful experience.

There will be no lease agreement to terminate in a certain span. So, no worries. Besides , you will not have to pay rent every month which graduates up in the scale, every passing year.

Unlike rent, where you spend a part of your budget but do not get anything in return, buying a home can fetch you a vital return for paying the loans. Every time you pay the EMI, you build up equity for your home. This means your ownership stake in the house goes on increasing with every payment you make.

Fixed rate mortgage being the most common type of mortgage brings another opportunity for those who buy homes by obtaining a mortgage. Suppose you choose a 10 -or 20-year fixed rate mortgage, then for those many years your monthly payments remain constant. This will contribute towards an easier financial management.

Since buying a home has always been a big burden on our pockets, tempting tax breaks have been introduced to facilitate home ownership. Homeowners can claim a deduction of the interest and principal of the loan to be paid to a certain extent.

Buying a home in a carefully chosen location increases the benefits of the purchase multifold. The cost of your property will never remain constant. It will go on escalating in the coming years. Therefore it can be safely said that once you invest but you go on becoming wealthier with time. 

Having said that it must be kept in mind that the more you delay the plan of purchasing a house, the more investment you need to make. You must have gotten convinced to buy a house after reading the above points.

So, tweak your budget, pick a judicious home loan lender who can tailor your EMI as per your income pattern and consider buying a home seriously. But before you do that there are certain things to be taken into account. Here are top 10 tips for the first-time home buyer:

Know What You Can Afford:
When you are looking for a better home then make sure you search in an effective manner. It is necessary to calculate carefully all the monthly payments that include the property taxes, homeowners insurance, insurance premiums, association dues and many more. 

Identifying The Potential Down payment:
The target purchase price is most important for the down payment. Considering the industry norm for the purchase of a property will be useful to get adequate idea about the property. There are also numerous loan programs available with many different credit levels.

The down payment for a property must be made less than 20% for buying the property at an early stage. The tips for first time home buyers will be useful for making your home purchase into a better one while saving more money. 

Inspecting The House:
It is crucial to inspect the house that you are purchasing. Checking the property will be useful for you to know all the interior and exterior facets of the house. You need to look for the damages, if any, present in the property so that it’s easier to know beforehand if it is worth buying or not. 

Quality Check:
When you are visiting a home, there are many things to consider before choosing a perfect home for your family. Nowadays, earthquake resistant designed buildings are made so that we can check for a property with the suitable infrastructure. The main goal of the earthquake resistant construction in today’s time is to erect the building walls in a way that reduces the damage during the seismic activity. 

Work With Local Agent:
Connecting with a real estate agent will be more useful to know more about your dream property. Make sure that your real estate agent has experience and insight about the local matters such as latest developments, schools, taxes and many other such issues. The home buyers must know that their property has a better market value before purchasing them. 

The location of the home is most important given the significance of major connectivity. Normally the price of the property will vary as per the location; hence, you need to buy a home accordingly. 

Evaluating The Preferred Neighborhood:
How much do you really know about your neighborhood? You can visit the area during the weekdays, weekends or anytime you get to know about the traffic, people and more facts about the neighborhood. 

Check Prices:
Checking the price of the property is important and so is making the decision in the same breath. Comparing the price range before a home purchase will be useful to get valuable insight on its market price.

Legal Issues:
Check for any legal issues on the property in order to avoid future problems. Making a secure down payment will be useful along the long way to enjoy the features.

How much Money is Involved:
Make sure the total money is invested only on the property; so understand your means to buy the property via its monthly payment options. 

Important Steps in The Buying Process

The next step is to start searching on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), commercial sites, direct mail, classifieds and many other available avenues to check properties for sale. You would probably come across a real estate agent at this point of time since they are typically free of cost for the buyer. 

In case, you are directly dealing with homes which are not listed at the MLS, then you can directly deal with the sellers themselves. 

Making Offer On The Property:
The next step in the buying process is providing an offer on the property which you need to pursue. You may provide less than what you actually wish to spend or may provide your bottom line. Normally, an offer is made with a purchase and sale agreement that your real estate agent will perhaps do for you. 

When you are not purchasing a property from MLS and also don’t use an agent, you can avail a fill the blank type purchase and sale agreement online from an attorney, in a paper supply store or from a local title for free. It is strongly suggested that any agreement which you use be inspected by your real estate lawyer.

Negotiating Deals With The Seller:
Negotiating the deals with sellers is the next important step; if possible, reach out on a mutually agreed contract in terms and price. You can carry out due diligence that includes any evaluations of property. 

The details about the property must be then provided to either a title or a local attorney. At this time, you would also need to submit the required paperwork for financing, start arranging for contractors if work is necessary and check the validity of financials offered about the property and arrange for closing in managing whatever other problems that come up in due course.

Signing the papers at the attorney office is the last step of the buying process and the paperwork will be stored for record. Thus, you will become the new owner of a property.


Purchasing a home has always been deemed as a symbol of your success and prosperity. And above all, everyone dreams to own a house of his own. But all of us know that buying a house is not a piece of cake. From choosing the location, to taking loans, managing financial and legal issues to repaying the principal and interest, everything takes a lot of meticulous efforts.

But nothing is impossible and the pleasure this hustle guarantees can be expressed only if experienced. Hope this article will help you take your first step in this crucial journey of your life. 


How to Plan to Buy a House

Most of us put our blood and sweat into our professional lives so as to have a settled personal life. Often the pinnacle of the steep mountain of goals we climb is buying a house. Buying your house is definitely a more pleasurable experience than it appears. If you cannot imagine then just think that you will have ownership over a land in this huge world.

A land, one of its kind will be called your home, within whose boundaries the story of your life will be written, the walls of whose will document every single emotion of yours, the doors of which will warmly welcome you after a long, tiring day. I hope this stirred you up. Believe me it’s a very emotional process. But just like you and me, millions of people are trying to acquire their own spaces. Therefore, finding a suitable home and buying it, is a very cumbersome process.

Above all, this is a task that demands heavy investment. Taking these things into account, it is evident that serious planning prior to buying a house is of utmost importance.

Buying a new house in India requires the best in-class planning and effort. Saving more money for purchasing a home with more features in an extensive location will make our family more than happy.

Top 10 steps that you can follow to turn your first home dream into reality:

Start Your Research Early:
Start knowing about your preferred property so you can begin the search in web sites, magazines and newspapers about the many real estate listings. You can obtain the relevant details about the property of your interest in the market. Scan through all kinds of housing trends in the specified area that is convenient for purchasing the home at the best price. 

Choose a Real Estate Agency:
It is hard for any homebuyer to search their home for sale in the city alone; so hiring a trusted real estate agency will be more convenient. They will list out the ideal home for sale at your preferred location, price along with features that suit you while you have ample idea of the properties. 

Location of the property is one important factor as you deserve many amenities near to your home that make it so convenient for leading a modern life. Transportation, too, is one of the prime factors in buying a home that has access to nearby facilities like schools, colleges, business hubs and many others in facilitating great mobility. 

Determine How Much You Can Afford:
Most of the lenders usually recommend the homebuyers with the cost of no more than four to five times of their annual household income. When you like buying a home with all the facilities at the lowest price then go for it and make the down payment of 20% for the property. Knowing the financial situation is more important and you can use the affordability calculator apps for determining your affordability in the best manner possible.  

Shop For Your Home:
It is most important and helpful to visit many homes to get some cool ideas to shop for your new home. Cool modern features of a home are a must before buying and you can take notes, pictures and videos of the houses that you are visiting to get the list of features.

Comparing them will be convenient for buying the preferred house in the best manner. Test all electrical systems, plumbing systems and water pressure in the house. Check all the doors and windows with opening and closing them. 

Evaluating The Neighborhood:
Neighborhood is so important for a safe and comfortable living which emphasizes you need to plan accordingly. Get a complete solution for how to buy a home with all the modern facilities and enjoy living with your family. Some of the facts are listed below:

  1. Check out the houses in the street or blocks if they are maintained well
  2. Find out how the traffic was in the street
  3. See if there is spacious street parking for the vehicles
  4. Check that the neighborhood is located conveniently near to the places of interest such as shopping centers, parks, restaurants, public transportation among others

Get The Home Inspection:
When you are ready to buy a home, then you need to inspect the property for checking possible structural damages or signs if any. The real estate agents will also arrange for the inspection that is conducted to make sure that the home is in a good condition. 

Get The Pre Approved For The Credit For Mortgage:
Buying a new home with the appropriate budget will be more convenient. You can choose the pre-qualified mortgage for choosing the modern home with the higher budget.

However, you need to provide some of the financial information for the mortgage banker like the annual income, investments and amount of savings. The lender will automatically revive the information and provide the appropriate price for your home. The lender will verify your credit and financial status.

Basics Of Real Estate For The 1st Time Buyers:

Being a 1st-time buyer, you will find a lot of things that you ought to consider while purchasing houses. Neglecting to take good care can finally take an enormous toll on your monetary condition. You will find a few of the mistakes that you might make if you don’t have a proper understanding associated with this.

Some people don’t mind as to what sort of materials are used and the making of the house. Sometimes these materials might be of low quality and can result in damage soon. Checking up the standard from the materials in the making of the house is vital. Checking the houses ought to be done strictly.

The cost may also be another important factor. When the 1st time buyers are ignorant concerning the market cost, they could get scammed easily. So searching for the affordable rates is essential and, therefore, it’s also wise to have a very good understanding concerning the market trend and costs.

Keeping these aspects in your mind is required to purchase a home of your dreams. The above listed are a few common errors that the majority of 1st time buyers commit. It is best to follow along with a few tips which could clearly cause you to understand the necessary things that you ought to bear in mind while dealing with a genuine real estate business. 

Getting a home of your dreams ought to be done with a few processes. Next we’ll list you a few of the effective advice which you’ll follow while purchasing houses anytime.

Before you search a house, the most crucial factor would be choosing the right place. It’s a fundamental part of the home purchasing process. You need to set your demands and focal points first. Pick the location that you simply feel satisfied and comfy. 

Some people may like to obtain the location where they have more hospitals, schools, along with other needed facilities nearby. Although some purchasers search for the calm and quiet places, where they will find no traffic. 

So deciding the place may be the primary factor you need to choose.

After having your location set, you ought to have a take on the required taxes along with other finances. Make certain whether you really can afford the cost and are able to purchase. After clearing this step, you’re then effective to proceed.

The home which you might buy needs extra modifications or repairs and, therefore, you should reserve some extra cash for the said reasons. Saving and making your money ready is very much needed and essential.

Inspect the house in a much deeper way looking at the types of materials, roofs, etc. Give a closer look throughout the inspection. If you discover any issues inside it, you will be able to request for that cost reduction.

Be ready with the documents and contracts. Always browse the contracts prior to signing by using it. You will however need to carefully cope with these kinds of documents.

These are the effective methods which you’ll understand throughout the house purchasing process as a 1st-time real estate buyer. Neglecting to do these necessary to-dos may lead you to face damaging situations. So monitor and be aware of each one of these factors on a regular basis.


Keeping the above tips in mind will definitely open up better opportunities for you in this field. But be very meticulous while planning to purchase your home. Introspect and evaluate your financial readiness. It is because once you buy your house a lot of other expenditure will come along with it which might completely change the shape of your monthly budget. You need to repay the home loans, pay the property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and the list goes on.

Besides, regular maintenance works and unanticipated repairs are sure to shake some pennies out of your pocket. So, if you think you are ready to shoulder this financial burden then go on and grab a home to call your own.