Best School in Srikakulam –

A school is a place where your children go and learn new things, play and have a great deal of fun with endless memories for life.

As children’s first educators, parents play a major role in bringing positive learning outcomes for their children. And they decide what’s best for their kids to learn as they enroll them in schools that provide the best education.

Schools thereafter take the responsibility of not only constructing the academic foundation of children on which the edifice of their careers would stand but also shaping their dispositions which would take them ahead in life. Therefore, the choice of school is a very vital decision in a child’s career. This article will lay out details about the best school in Srikakulam and can simultaneously help you make an informed decision.

Best Schools in Srikakulam for your kids

For many of us, a school is like a temple which gives us immense knowledge right from childhood. As it is the beginning of a new academic year, the Ravindra Bharathi school admissions are going on and the overflowing admission requests are overwhelming.

So in the event that you are living in Srikakulam and might want to join your children in a school, attempt to go along with them in best schools in Srikakulam; as the state schools offer syllabus such that they shape your children’s mind adopting the thought process of a 16-year-old person in a 10-year-old kid.

In state schools, the faculty causes your kids to convey adequately by enhancing their dialect abilities and by giving fundamental remedies to the missteps they have committed. Your children will be treated with extreme care beyond any doubt.

This school has always topped the list of best schools in Srikakulam and other surrounding cities. For the past 10 years, it has proved to be best in terms of academics and co-curricular activities.

This school is also known to have produced stalwarts in multiple fields by laying out a strong foundation through the quality education system.

This famous school that is very well-known in the city is also well-managed, be it in infrastructure, syllabus, environment or any other sector.They identify the inner genius in the kids and dedicatedly work towards polishing the skills they already have in them by exposing children to different activities and contests. This instills confidence in each child to achieve any goal in life. There is an equal emphasis on the physical and mental well-being of the students here.

The teachers are well trained and experienced to provide the right mentoring and guidance. The School has excellent co-curricular programs, spacious classrooms, multi-sports complex for the students to work as a team and learn leadership skills as well. The Science, Language and Math labs help the students to think and motivate them towards innovation.

Apart from schooling, they also provide an overall development with nutritious food and have been rated No.1 in terms of sanitation & hygiene due to their sanitary canteen alongside clean bathrooms . In brief, this school provides an exceptionally safe and productive environment to help your child discover , grow and learn .

The school has grown from strength to strength in numbers and infrastructure, facilities better than any other school in Srikakulam. The quality of teaching, academic results and co-curricular achievements are a case-in-point here.

Over the years, the school has evolved a team of qualified and dedicated staff who are committed to the task of creating a home away from home in which students can pursue excellence at their own pace and in areas of their own choice.

Students can choose from numerous extra-curricular activities conducted by the School and use our world-class facilities to complement their learning and development.This school offers special coaching in sports such as football, volleyball, kho-kho, cricket, basketball, chess and athletics.

Facilities provided at Ravindra Bharathi schools:

The excellent looking grounds all-around the campus surrounded by serene trees add to the tranquil appearance of the school’s premises. In the classrooms, the students are given some fun learning exercises like drawing and doing the sort of exercises that enable your child to think.

Once done with the classes, they are allowed to go for recreations in the play area where they can play games like table tennis, snookers, cricket, chess, carroms, etc.

Recognized as the best school in Srikakulam, it comprises research centers like Computers lab, Physics lab and Science lab for twelfth and tenth standards. State schools additionally comprise a library outfitted with a no. of books useful to students to improve their instructive vocation. Unadulterated drinking mineral water is given to underage students from time to time.

As it is a beginning to the new scholastic year, the Ravindra Bharathi school Srikakulam admissions are going ahead by enabling new students to participate in school to improve their career. So it’s a better chance that you join your kids now itself before the admissions are closed.

If you miss now, you may have to wait for one more year to join your young lads in this prestigious school. The following are the charge particulars in the Ravindra Bharathi School in Srikakulam.

If you want to join your kids in a school, you need to take into consideration the following points:

A school has to turn your kids into bright and intelligent youngsters which enable them to tackle any situation in life quite easily.
A school needs to have all the required amenities such as the best classrooms, the best faculty, labs, playgrounds, indoor stadiums, etc.
The faculty in the school must treat the students in such a way that they have to understand each and every student’s mindset and have to design a separate plan for them to treat accordingly.
It should be certified by the government, be it state or central.
It should have the best administration department who will be available at all times when any kind of mischievous activity takes place in and around the school premises.
It should provide the best security to your children like having safety rods where necessary in the building, not allowing children to the place where the powerhouse of the school has been placed, etc.
A school must conduct parent-teacher meetings once in 3 months because of which the parents interact with the concerned faculty member and can find out the required ways of improving the child’s performance in education and associated fields.
Reviewing the school’s progress through Parent Orientation Programmes (POPs)
Effectively communicating between the school and parents.
The school supports various activities like organizing various social events ,celebrating the students’ achievements.


When it comes to the academics part and if you are looking for best schools, the primary aspect you need to look at is the expertise of the faculty. When a school boasts of having a faculty who are par excellence in their subjects, it is a great boost for those particular schools like those of cbse schools in srikakulam where the faculty can foster academic excellence in their students.

One of the most important things to be taken into account is infrastructure. In this school in srikakulam you will find state-of-art infrastructure with all the required amenities that make for the best all-round education in the town.

Not only the state-level high schools, there are also several different school boards and if any school in Srikakulam possesses the following it should be considered as the best school in Srikakulam.

You might obviously think of several things while joining your children in a school and these might be the options for you to look into before deciding if it is the best school in warangal or not to join your child.


To sum up, this is a school that functions in a friendly, safe environment that supports and encourages an ongoing partnership between the School and parents. Given all the above standard features, we can join kids in this school for a bright and beautiful future.

Every parent wishes to make their kids keep up to higher norms and it is generally accomplished with some of the best schools in Srikakulam in light of the educational modules outlined particularly to make your kids absorb each and every aspect with great fun in a world-class comfy environment.

Parents usually grapple with the similar set of questions before their child’s education commences. All parents want their children to be a part of the best school in Srikakulam. But often due to lack of resources and information, they land on undesirable conclusions, admitting children to schools which fail to focus on all aspects of development.

But Ravindra Bharathi School in Srikakulam does not just boast of being the best school in Srikakulam.The breathtaking results it produces every year speaks for the glory it carries. Be it the alumni, present students, parents, faculty everyone is all praise for the school. The reputed institution has its gate opened for your children at this time of the year. Before it’s too late, give your child an opportunity to be a part of this school and in turn start building a secure and prosperous life .

CBSE Schools in Srikakulam

A school is a place where the foundation of every student develops. It is a place of learning new things which help your children to grow well in their life. People treat educational institutions as temples because it is a place where ample knowledge is grasped by the students and is termed as the basement of a child’s career.

There are so many cbse schools in Srikakulam which offer the best curriculum to your children to enhance their skills in this beautiful world but Delhi Public School in Srikakulam is the best one among all of them.

When you are joining your children in schools you might have some insecurities regarding the education and facilities, it is very common. Wherever you go you face the same problem but at Delhi Public school in Srikakulam they guarantee that you won’t feel an iota of insecurity.

We all know that CBSE schools are the best and they provide a strong foundation to your children by teaching them the way to develop language and communication skills with separate sessions apart from the curriculum.

Most schools will just concentrate on the curriculum. But the Delhi Public School in Srikakulam will look into each and every aspect and always strives hard for the betterment of your child to improve him/her in all the directions starting from minor goals to major goals and giving proper guidance to your children for their better survival in the society.

The syllabus designed in Delhi Public School is in such a way that it covers most of the interesting factors which help the students to gain good knowledge in this competitive world.

The Delhi Public School in Srikakulam has faculty who have a profound understanding of the subjects. The biggest asset for this school is the staff they have because all they have achieved as of now is only because of them.

The teachers here will interact with your kids cordially and allow them to speak fluent English which is a part of language skills as mentioned earlier.

The Characteristics Of Delhi Public school in Srikakulam

The schools will enhance the group it is implanted inside and serves.
The schools can adjust rapidly to human needs and innovation change.
The schools produce understudies that read and compose, as well as decide to.
The school sees itself.
The schools have various and convincing measures of success–measures that families and groups comprehend and esteem.
The schools are loaded with understudies that don’t simply see “much,” yet rather realize what merits understanding.
The school knows it can’t do it all, so looks to do what’s fundamental incredibly well.
The school enhances different schools and social associations it’s associated with.
The schools are dependably on and never shut. (It is not a manufacturing plant.)
The schools verifies that each and every understudy and family feels welcome and comprehended on square terms.
The schools must be loaded with understudies that pose extraordinary inquiries, as well as do as such with incredible recurrence and fierceness.
The schools change understudies; understudies change incredible schools.
The schools comprehend the contrast between broken considering and broken execution.
The school talks about the language of its understudies.
The schools don’t make discharge guarantees, make honorable yet deceptive statements of purpose, or misdirect guardians and group individuals with edu-language. It is bona fide and straightforward.
The school esteems its instructors and chairmen and guardians as specialists of understudy achievement.
The school must favor customized learning over separated learning.
The schools show thought processes, not content.

The fee structure of Delhi Public School in Srikakulam is:

One time Admission Fee – Non Refundable – 25000 + 5000 ( Caution Money )
Yearly Annual Fee- ( Payable in 3 installment ) –
Nursery to Prep – Rs 20000/-
Class 1 to 5 – Rs 30000/-
CLass 6 to 10 – Rs 40000/-
class 11 and 12 – Rs 50000/-


Transport Fees:
upto 5 km – 10000/-
upto 5km and below 10 km – rs 15000/-
Above 10 KM – Rs 31500/-

Note: Books, Uniform, and activity fee are not included in the fees

The main purpose of the schools is to guide a child in the right direction, skills, knowledge and also develop their positive attitude in them. Whether it may be a CBSE school or secondary school or high school or boarding school or residential school or any board of school it may be providing the right education is the utmost important thing for any institution.

Without proper education, your children can’t get through the obstacles and challenges they face in their entire life until death. You do find a lot of schools offering various kinds of facilities along with studies like sports, games, yoga, karate etc.

If you are living nearby Srikakulam and have an idea of sending your lovely kid to a school which has a facility like a residential campus you should definitely look for the best schools in Srikakulam. Because as a parent you will always want the best out of the best for your children, it is a universal attitude.

Now consider the following points you should keep in mind while looking for the top schools in Srikakulam.

It should give equal importance to both education and extracurricular activities.
It should develop the taught process of your children by doing various brain exercising activities like puzzles, brainstorming sessions, abacus classes etc.
It should contain all the basic requirements like well experienced faculty, playground, indoor stadium, yoga rooms etc.
It should treat each and every student with utmost care and must treat each and every student in the same manner whether he is dull or clever.
It should teach your kids in such a way that they need to know each and every aspect of a subject in detail.
The school must develop the child to learn how to speak in public effectively.
The school must possess a good infrastructure.
The school must give equal importance to curriculum and extracurricular activities.
The school should follow all the rules and regulations set up by the government

All the above mentioned points are with Delhi Public School in Srikakulam. Here in Delhi Public school, you can find your children in such a way that they can speak in public effectively irrespective of the topic given. In this school, you can find an overall development of children in all aspects whether it is technical or nontechnical.

Things To Know About Delhi Public School, a top CBSE school in Srikakulam

The foundation of education for any person in the world is the school which allows him to learn many new things in his/her life like…… how to sort out problems that they will come across, gaining knowledge about various kinds of current affairs, being motivated on their own etc.

You can see all these kinds of things in Delhi Public School in Srikakulam where they mold the students sharper by performing various kinds of activities that creates interest in children’s mind thus making them involved which implies improving concentration as well.

Facilities at Delhi Public School in Srikakulam:

This school which is provided with the best of all compared with any other school in the entire Srikakulam.

Sports and Games:

It is provided with a big playground having games like cricket, volleyball, football, kabaddi etc…
It consists of an indoor stadium where all other games that were not played outdoors were played here.
Playing games and sports increases the metabolism rate of a child and it also enhances the physical stamina of students which is actually required to maintain good health. Thus the Delhi public school in Srikakulam is playing a crucial role in the success of your children.


The classrooms are equipped with small tables accommodating 3 to 4 students in individual chairs per table(for primary standards).
Secondary school students are having blackboards…..where classes go on them and if there is any assignment like giving lectures to students based on suggested topics to students they can give seminars as well.
In each of the floors students can have mineral water facility to drink and canteens are provided at required places for students.

Facilities provided at

The school campus looks beautiful all around surrounded by beautiful trees thus with a good environment.
Classrooms are provided with fun activities like drawing and doing some kind of activities which allows your kid to think.
Once the classes are done they are allowed to play games in the playground where lots of games are played like table tennis, snooker, cricket, chess, caroms etc.
The Delhi Public School consists of laboratories for 12th and 10th standards like Computer lab, Physics lab, chemistry lab and also a big library equipped with a large number of books usable to students to enhance their educational career.
Pure drinking mineral water is always provided to students.


Smart Class Room
Spacious Library
Audio Visual Room
Art & Craft Room
Staff Quarters
Play Courts
Dining Hall
Science Lab
Maths Lab
Computer Lab
Play Grounds
Principal Residence


If you are looking for CBSE schools in Srikakulam, then nothing can be a better option than Delhi Public School in Srikakulam. From the infrastructure to the course structure to the faculty to the facilities provided, everything is a step ahead of the time and you can validate it only after choosing us. Delhi Public School is waiting to embrace your children and bring out the best version of them in a matter of a few years.

Best pre school in Srikakulam –

A preschool is an education system for a child to learn early childhood education before going to enroll in primary school. Preschool helps the child to learn to communicate with others that can aid in their overall development.

Pre School in Srikakulam focuses on all facets of a child’s growth and development. They treat your children as their own. They impart value-based education to children in the age group of 1 to 5 years. Smartkidz preschool offers a warm, friendly and full of love environment, which helps in bringing out happy and healthy children.

With the home-like environment, you need not worry about your child’s safety and habits. They want you to have peace of mind while your child is at their place.

Being responsible is not an inborn quality for everyone. It is developed by consistent practice and observation, and they impart these practices to kids. They inculcate the best habits and manners in children so that they grow into responsible individuals. Its state-of-art infrastructure coupled with fun-filled learning encourages children to participate in discussions and come up with their own thoughts.

Play School in Srikakulam programs are designed to actively engage kids into every activity. Here, your child will get to spend time with friends, and enjoy relevant activities that are designed for school-age interests. They will also be assisted in their homework and skills enhancement tasks. Smartkidz teaching and non-teaching staff members are adequately trained to treat kids with love and affection.

Why is the best Pre School in Srikakulam

Before joining kids in any of the preschools the main thing all the parents should check are some of the below details for their kid’s safety and well-being in these Preschools:

Friendly and Caring Teachers
Best Infrastructure
Fun-filled Learning
Overall Development
Games and Activities
Safety and Care
Primary School
Day Care
Health and Hygiene
Spacious Facilities

Benefits of Preschool

A parent always looks for a better family environment while hunting for play schools for their little kids. Most parents these days understand play school to be a place for the kids to learn and recite numbers, read alphabets and spend one more year before they are all set to start their academic race.

The best play school not only enables your kids to excel in their kindergarten but also helps them to build skills in conversation among their peer group. During the initial years of exposure to the real world, it is quite crucial to learn various activities which are essential to pace them as per the changing times.

Every kid loves listening to stories. What if they narrate one? Kids have the most creative way of describing things. In the best playschools, the hidden talent of storytelling in your kid is brought out in the best way possible. Also, children are taught to do their regular day-to-day chores that makes them to be self-reliant from a very young age. Accordingly, the well-trained teachers of these schools tend to be patient and affectionate enough with the kids in the process of enhancing their learning.

Why Join Playschool?

Playschool programs have a wide variety of fun and creative activities like dancing, singing, crafts and arts, free play, storytelling along with both the indoor and outdoor games and projects that are well-curated to teach children while giving them a competitive edge in the real world.

Children will know everything right from the basics such as counting and reciting alphabets to solving rubik’s cube and playing scribble. Plus, preschool teachers are nuanced in providing early childhood education; so they know what to expect from your child and can help him/her accordingly.

Children in preschools also have the added opportunity to socialize with other kids of their age; another playschool advantage for parents who took to a nanny or a relative care when their children were younger in those days.

When compared with daycare, nanny care, home daycare, and relative care, it is always beneficial to admit your child in a preschool in Srikakulamads because he will also learn from activities rather than just spending a day elsewhere.

Benefits of Play Schools:

Kids begin early when they start attending the school. They need to be dealt with much love and care when compared to other children of higher age groups. Every child has different traits and each one of them has to be taken care of differently for which our teachers are trained to handle them effectively. Here in play schools, they can provide personal attention and the interaction with their parents has to be done at regular intervals which is very important for the all-round development of a child.

Kids can enjoy play schools that are a refreshment for the kids from plain studies-based schools. Kids at play schools are made extremely comfortable in the new environment of play school where they need a lot of patience from the teacher to take care of them.

For the same, we attend to a lot of things while recruiting our staff. Probably, there are also many reasons why a play school should be compared with the other play schools to get a gist of the benefits they offer.

Best Play Schools and Pre Schools in Srikakulam

A play school is usually seen as a place where children (below 5 years of age) come to play and learn. Play schools are available in almost every city and major towns; thus, these play schools play an important part in a child’s physical and mental development at an early age.

Why Play Schools?

Play Schools are especially designed for kids to learn and play before they begin their formal education. It is this concept of pre-schooling that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It is right at this age that children learn more things through these platforms. Kids also get to learn more creative communication and self-help skills and will get used to going to school.

Apart from this, children can learn to make new friends while having fun along the way with the right toys which all will help them in their overall development. Children are sent to play schools mostly by those working parents who cannot devote their entire time to look after their kids.

Advantages of a Play School

Many people say play school is the second home for a kid – a home with few extra members and many things to learn. The concept of play schools is not something new and different to Indian society.

Play schools can offer you a lot of benefits, best facilities, learning, knowledge, communication and these schools never aim at developing academic skills like reading and writing, and there are no set goals or any stress regarding performance on the kids; though, the focus is on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child.

Play schools do have a variety of toys for kids to spend their day at play school. Kids always love to play with toys. Few toys can hurt kids too. However, games are harmless if learned or monitored under supervision. Play schools have a teacher who is always around kids, and they help your kid to learn games in a safer zone.

Crafts, Games, storytelling and many activities for kids that teach them morals and lessons that the older generation taught. In craft and arts, kids do learn how to solve puzzles that can improve their imagination as well as building blocks or some jig jag puzzles that enable them to think and act while having fun too.

In today’s world where everyone is busy in their life, there is no time for parents to go and hunt the best playschool in Srikakulam in person.

In the words of Kathy Walker, Learning is not a race to be won to see who gets there first. Learning is about acquiring satisfaction, meaning, and skills and feeling good about ourselves. The following list of top play schools in Srikakulam underlines the essence of learning in all its joy for your child:

Best Playschools in Srikakulam

In this article, we shall be talking about the best play schools in the Srikakulam region. Below is the list of those:

SVG Joykids Play School in Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam is one of the top play schools which offers great infrastructure, children safety, neat and clean surroundings and far away from the noise and air pollution of urban hustle-bustle.

This play school offers practical and intellectual sessions with the children for their overall development. Rated 3.8 stars (out of 5) in google ratings, this school is surely one of the best play schools in Srikakulam.

Indian Play School, Visakha B Colony, Srikakulam is another good option to go for as they are one of the best schools you would come across in Srikakulam. They have a very creative and innovative approach with the way they help your child possess necessary skills. They have a good google rating of 4.5 stars.

Kidzee Play School in Oxygen hospital Lane, Palasa is one of the top rated day care schools in Palasa. This school caters to children from 12 months to 10 years, and focuses on all the areas of child overall development like linguistic, physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and creative areas.

Kidzee Play School in Palasa also claims to provide children a home-away-from-home environment to optimize their potential. They have a good google rating of 4.6 stars, and seems to be a good choice when it comes to your child’s overall development.

Little Kids, Potanapallivari Veedhi, Kasibugga is located in the pollution-free and secure environment of Palasa, Srikakulam. They have a variety of programs designed and customized as per the needs of your child. They claim to provide enriching, value-driven and secure care to the children.

This child care school has state of the art facilities that are child-friendly and has age-appropriate furniture, toys and play space. They have a google rating of 4.9 stars, and seems to be yet another good option to get your child enrolled.

Crayons The School in Pathapatnam, is inspired by Waldorf and Montessori methodology and claims to have designed the syllabus and the course curriculum which caters to the holistic development of the child.

They provide each and every enrolled child an opportunity to take part in extracurricular/character building activities in a playful way; besides providing a child with various problem-solving challenges to help with their mental development as well. This is surely one of the best play schools in Srikakulam.

Hebron Mission School in Ichchapuram, Srikakulam has a google rating of 4.3 and definitely it’s worth that rating given the fact that they have a leading-edge teaching methodology, aesthetic ambience and a state-of-the-art infrastructure apart from providing the best-in-class safety and hygiene.

Smartkids Play School, Sompeta, Srikakulam their infrastructure include thematic rooms like an aqua room, audio-visual room and an art and crafts room. The rooms are well equipped with non-toxic toys and equipment, as per the learning objectives and the themes.

They also provide a provision of a transfer of a student from one center to another, within the city. Their curriculum includes sensorial activities, language concepts, numerical concepts, science and nature studies and so on.

Orient Kids School, Kanchara St, Rajam, Srikakulam is another good play school which could help your kids’ personal overall development. This playschool helps in building a strong foundation for a lifelong interest in learning and personal growth.

They have designed the curriculum in a way that helps kids inculcate good habits and positive attitude, besides a sense of self-development.

Roots Play School, Narasannapeta, Srikakulam has a google rating and they have designed a child-centric curriculum which emphasizes on physical and creative development, apart from inculcating mathematical awareness, language and literacy, personality and social development.

They have arranged all the rooms in the form of learning centers which are conducive for problem solving, personality development, decision making, role plays, discovering their personal interests and so on.

You could choose amongst any of these best play schools in Srikakulam for your kid’s admission. Hope you liked this article and found it useful. Will update more such content in near future. All the best!